Anxiety: A Ring in the Bull’s Nose


Anxiety is like the ring in a bull’s nose.  You know why they put a ring in a bull’s nose? Yeah, it does become like a hood ornament on a Cadillac, but it has a wonderful function. A ton of hamburger meat thrusting towards you is a frightening thing.  Who wants to have that barreling down on them . . . no one sane!  But a little ring, strategically placed right in the soft, tender flesh of the nose, is more than enough to stop him. I can make that mass of beef stop dead in his tracks with just a little twist of that ring.  Wouldn’t you stop?

My Anxiety Ring

My Anxiety Ring
So how do I relate this T-bone with anxiety? The problem, is I am the bull and Satan has access to me when I am in anxiety.  The devil can gain my undivided attention when he twists that little ring.  Then I am led down his destructive paths. Satan has the right to torment me, if I am looking to live my life by the power of anxiety. Yep, a right!

As I have stated, anxiety is being determined to do it on your own – belief that flesh is sufficient to achieve and perform life’s tasks.  Unfortunately, this system of thought is counter to the life of Christ and opposed to His purposed provision.  He paid a high Price to bring us into amazing victory.

To choose the “ring of power” (anxiety) over the Power of Life has the consequence of all that Satan wants to deliver.  Yes, illness, chaos, destruction, paralysis, heartache, alienation, depression, mental illness, fatigue, panic attacks, addiction . . . basically all the fruits of living death.

I don’t mock the one in anxiety, because I be one of you! And I do know the fruit of the anxious life.  If we are all honest, it is clear that it is not true LIFE as Christ paid for.

I’ve written more that will follow this post over the next few days, which I believe takes us to the true crux of the matter, as well as to the complete Solution.

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Thank you, John, for referencing Martha’s CD series:
“Your battle in life is going to be for the ownership of the body. Who’s going to live in and through it?” was one of the summary quotes that was noted. Goes right along with this post.
This has been a great and needed series.
Bless you, John!

That’s an amazing quote. Thank you for putting it up here. Yes, it perfectly fits this post doesn’t it! There are 2 more posts in this series.Thank you for enjoying and rejoicing with the message of freedom. Love you Pauline!


Do you have an app for Android?

Unfortunately, we currently don’t. We polled people to see if there was interest and the response was low. Most people requested the iPhone app so this is what we went with. Developing an app is expensive but if there was support and interest I would be willing. We inquired a few years back, but I would love to hear from people if this is something they desire. The good thing is is mobile friendly and in it you have access to the current days Shulamite content.


We have another ring of power don’t we?…the Royal ring …the signant ring of the Son….that gives us accesss to all He purchased for His precious word……if only I can remember that when the “suddenly” comes…I also find..simply switching to decaffeinated really helps. Lol

This is for sure Deborah, the “suddenlies” can get catch you off guard and ramp up the anxiousness. But as you said, He has gained for us access to His very Life. Thank you JESUS! Yes and decaf does help! hehehe


Dear John, thank you so much for this series! And using the phrase “ring of power “ is so illustrative with depth for an old Tolkien fan! Bless you!

Perfectly fits, huh? Ring of POWER! Makes us all Gollum doesn’t it. Thank you Jean for commenting and receiving this message! Love you!


Psalm 139:23 Search me, O God, and know my heart;
Try me, and know my anxieties;
24 And see if there is any wicked way in me,
And lead me in the way everlasting.


I am deeply troubled in my spirit. I cannot yet discern what the source is. I would like to ignore it and just be at peace and rest or be lazy…? I am fighting to press in to pray and deal with whatever God is uncovering or doing. It feels like anxiety in my body but nothing is conscious yet. I choose to trust that His light will reveal what is hidden in the darkness. I need you Lord.


The only fear that I want is the fear of the Lord: fear that I will live in self-deception, complacency, and unbelief. I am struggling to believe that He is able to help me with me.


“He is an ever present help in a time of trouble” and quick too!
“#22 Conscious of Jesus
Romans 13:14 NIV
. . . clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ . . .

First is to believe He has come to be WITH us, and more! WITHIN us.

Then it is to become conscious OF Jesus – His presence, His thoughts, His character. Oh, to live in awareness of Him who is ever available, ever vibrantly involved.

Abba, may your Spirit make us conscious and aware of the Son – within! Martha K.


This is reaching home, John. I haven’t considered myself to be in anxiety because, even during times that have been tense, lately, I *feel* calm. Some of the stinking fruit you mentioned gave it away. Guilty!
Looking forward to His Truth you will be delivering. Thank you, John.