Why Are You Listening to Another’s Voice?

Why Are You Listening to Another’s Voice?

I have a question out there for God, and I would like to share it with you. In the past I have discussed the hatred that is becoming very prevalent in our world. What would once be an issue for discussion or debate now seems to be an invitation for assault and abuse. It is like ones differing opinion gives others the right to hate and cancel. In those posts I showed how opposing views seem to invite much wrath and fury especially concerning our U.S. politics. In keeping with this line of thought, today I want to discuss listening to another’s voice other than hearing our Shepherd’s.

Who Are You Listening To?

Why are you listening to another’s voice?
2020 has tempted me to occasionally be troubled and unsettled. My resolve has been to turn that uneasiness into prayer. Most of my dialogue with the Lord is about my desire to be on the page with Him. I always want to be on His page, praying His Will. How else are we going to bring heaven to earth unless we know what is in heaven?

I believe that first and foremost prayer is about yielding my will to God’s. We’re not to dictate or demand our own wills, we are to bow our will and listen to His. My job is to get my concerns and opinions out of the way in order to listen to His purpose and plans. I call this getting on the page with God. It isn’t that He doesn’t want to listen to my heart but that is more about His concern for me.

When I find myself not on the page with Jesus, what is it that usually keeps me stirred up? Well, listening to another’s voice…which often has been the media. Each time I question my decision to ingest their reports, “Why didn’t I just listen to God? Why did I turn to another’s voice?” Very good question!

The Lesson of Listening to Another’s Voice

The Lesson of Listening to Another's Voice
What is my lesson here? “Get on God’s page, pray His Will, and then wait for His Will to be realized.” Everytime I listen to the many voices with their own agendas I am upended. And for doing such, I deserve any distress that I receive. God says, “My sheep hear My Voice, another’s they will not follow.”

Problems always arise when I go listening to know apart from God. And believe me there are many voices out there just begging you to hear them rather than staying with God.

It’s very much like Nehemiah, and his enemies, Sanballat and Tobiah. Nehemiah just did it better than I did by refusing to listen to another’s voice. Nehemiah was a man who purposed to stay with God and be on God’s Will. He refused all the naysayers of his day. He heard his God’s will and he stayed with God’s purpose and plan. Nehemiah would not be dissuaded. Wish I hadn’t! It was costly to my spirit and it rattled my emotions.

My lesson? I am committed to stay on God’s page by listening to His Voice and not go polling another’s voice. But it isn’t like I’m going to bury my head in the sand or refuse to be current, but there is a huge difference between hearing the headlines and fearfully scampering about to follow another’s voice. Regardless of what I hear, it is His Voice I am purposing to listen to in any report. It is possible to listen only to Him while hearing another and this is my goal. That is following the Shepherd.



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    • sue

      OH yes, I can get so far from HIS will just getting involved with that “other voice”, I am also committed to stay on God’s page, praying to only hear the voice of God!!!

    • Helen

      Two things touch my listening: view of Him, vulnerability of me. While talking to the Lord about ‘being a little child’, I began to thank Him for Who He is. He’s Everything to me…but this I’d never seen before. I’m not left to be vulnerable ‘on my own’. HE is ‘my’ vulnerability, in me for me, & i tag along as His child. Christ, born vulnerable, lived vulnerable through all, by the Spirit, to the Father. And the Father bestowed on Him…all things.
      What God speaks that is refused, wil be brought out in life lessons. God’s speaking, will stand, He makes it plain to see. Integrity. My view of God, leads to God’s view IN whatever surrounds me. If He remains my gaze, all else will be laid down…i will hear the One my eyes are on. Moses sang this..after striking the rock twice..”Ascribe greatness to our God! The Rock! His work is perfect, for all His ways are just; a God of faithfulness & without injustice, righteous & upright is He.” In Revelation it’s the song of Moses & song of the Lamb, “Mighty & marvelous are Your works, O Lord God the Omnipotent! Righteous, just & true are Your ways, O Sovereign of the ages King of nations!” Grace upon grace is pouring. May we be holy listener’s. The motto: “God’s will: nothing more; nothing less; nothing else; at any cost.”

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