To Live Your Life Listening and in Inquiry

To Live Your Life Listening and in Inquiry

It is impossible to live this life without inquiry. It is in the asking that relationship with God is found. As we live inquiring we give opportunity to the Spirit to reveal and enlighten. To show us His purposes and plans and ultimately glorify the Father. I currently have many things in my life that I am literally having to enter in with open hands and open heart to hear and discover. The Spirit is leading me into His Truth. I can’t enter these scenarios with previous knowledge or opinion; I have to come empty handed. And here is the true benefit. As I enter empty, I am filled full with Him.

Life of Inquiry

Life of Inquiry
I have learned I really don’t know anything that is of much value but what God reveals. And the wonder of this is, as He shows me I have a more complete picture of the whole. I have had Him tell me something that seemed a little strange and then later learned that it was totally right on. The picture was expanded and the confirmation built my faith.

Here is a secret: to living life listening not knowing. When I live with the great “I know,” I thwart my ability to hear God. Knowing is deafness to His telling. When I go into any situation knowing what is to be done, I am not positioning my heart to hear the Lord’s direction. My knowing is deafness because knowing is telling, not listening or hearing. This is a travesty because it prevents me from enjoying His Life.

Jesus said to them, “I assure you that the Son can do nothing of His own accord, but only what He sees the Father doing.
John 5:19 PHILLIPS

Listening in Life

Christ lived His Life inquiring and listening to His Father. He did nothing that He didn’t see the Father doing. And what we know of Jesus, all He did was through listening not knowing. And today He wants to do the same through us. Living listening is living inquiring. It is seeking Him as the answer and looking to Him to be the Path.

Life isn’t about listening to do, per se; it is listening to activate my volitional will in order to be surrendered to His Will and Life. He wants my will yielded to His Will to choose His Will, not to perform His Will.

Remember this from The Great Exchange: Christ’s life as my life is His life in my life, and that’s not my life as His life, it’s HIM.

My attentiveness, attunement and inquiry to His voice by listening not knowing is for surrender, agreement, and volition –not doing. He is the Doer and I am the listener. I hear what He wants to do and how He wants to do it.

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    • This blessed me so much John! I needed this Word today! God is so wonderful! Thank you!

    • Helen

      There are no silent partners when it comes to Jesus & me/us. There are constant transactions registered in heaven effecting earth. My heart listens, His purposed Life invades; His Presence requires, & He Lives it. Surrender makes His word sweet in our mouth. Surrender into His purpose & His benefit…here, the fire falls. His benefit? In Christ, His benefit is our benefit…& this more than we know. To live in the ‘I know’ will invariably side with men’s interest…shriveled, limiting, lifeless. When we taste what only God could plan & give & be…in boundless Love…we wait, our whole being open to Him, on tip-toe of expectancy! Yearning, with Him. “Your words were found & I ate them; & Your words were to me a joy & the rejoicing of my heart, for I have been called by Your name, O Lord God of hosts.” (Jer. 15:16)

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