What I Saw


When I first met Don Nelson, I wasn’t saved – thought I was, but I wasn’t.  I liked Don.  He was kind and funny in a quirky way, and despite our being from two very different generations, we liked A LOT of the same movies (really good AND really bad sci-fi).  It was pretty easy for me to like Don, but I didn’t experience kinship with him.  Then I was saved and everything changed.

The most miraculous part of experiencing my new creation was seeing people with new eyes.  I had the privilege of seeing Don with Christ’s eyes, and once I did, I loved him.  The kinship was there – an effortless connection and understanding.  Actual unity in Christ.

I saw Don wrestle with God.  I saw him walk out his dealings in reality, without a bunch of talk.  I saw Don – a big, strong, man’s man – weep without shame.  I witnessed the physical transformation that occurred when a final stronghold in Don’s heart fell.  I heard his voice change and saw his countenance shine, lit from within as only Jesus can.  I watched a miracle take place in real time as our Father LOVED Don into the freedom of being His child.

Don said once, “I just want to be ready.”  I know that his prayer was answered because I saw the fruit of his readiness.  It was my honor and privilege to know Don, to love him and be loved by him.

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