Resistant Scar


This past weekend I was traveling with Martha and her granddaughter to New York. I was assisting in the making of a delightful memory for a very loved granddaughter and a Mimi. I think the trip was a success and we achieved the goal. We all had a wonderful time.

As a part of the trip, we went to see the Broadway version of The Lion King. To me it is one of the best shows on Broadway. The production is so well-implemented. The costumes and sets are great. It’s really a show for all ages.

Well, while watching the show, I was able to see a spiritual principle. Resistance to God and His order creates evil, death, and destruction.

To lay a brief foundation, in The Lion King, there is a character named Scar.  Scar is the King’s brother, who is jealous, bitter and resistant to the fact that he’s second-born and beneath his brother as king. Instead of being a noble royal brother, he is a despicable underling who dwells with the hyenas.

What I saw is that resistance to God, and God’s particular order of things, makes us monsters.  Remember all my posts on anxiety?  I believe resistance is a huge source of our angst. I can say that my personal resistance to life, as God has created it, has made me stiff and inflexible.  Externally I may not appear to be rigid, but internally my body has told on me.   Several of my physical ailments have direct roots in my struggle of resistance.

Well, let me tell you where this led Scar. Scar was part of the royal lion family, but chose instead to be the leader of lowly hyenas. Scar’s bitter resistance and jealousy led to him murdering his brother and exalting the scavengers beyond their place, dwelling amongst the kings of the jungle. He arranged his world as he would have it, where he was ruler. Yes, Scar turned the circle of life up on its end. His resistance, jealousy and murderous nature ravaged the whole world.

The result was that the beautiful, balanced pride lands were left completely barren. The land literally reflected Scar’s embittered heart and depraved mind. Hyenas, who once were delegated to scavenge, were given place up next to the lions.  Hyenas can’t handle free reign of resources; they devour everything in a frenzy until there is nothing left.  Plain and simple, God’s order works and our resistance to it, doesn’t.

When I recoil from the choices of God, my resistance starts the process of rigor mortis.  It’s death to resist God’s Life and the result is stiffness. God’s life is filled with the fluidity of sap.  Life simply flows: rivers of living water. Death on the other hand is stagnant and septic.  I am asking the Lord where I dam the flow of Life—where I oppose His free movement.  Where I just don’t agree and won’t submit to how He set it up.

I know, O Lord, that the way of man is not in himself,
that it is not in man who walks to direct his steps.
Jeremiah 10:23 ESV

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9 years ago

Wow!!! Is God good or what!!????!! I was praising God and singing hallelujahs to His Name as soon as I read your title and first three introductory paragraphs!!! I had to stop and pull out my journal: on September 13, God had dropped this word ‘resistance’ into my heart. As I wrote that morning, He expanded the idea of resistance and how He wanted me to be aware of how it felt viscerally; and a new and deeper understanding began to dawn! In resistance, I was resisting Him and His Sovereignty in my life! I immediately wrote the word down… Read more »

9 years ago

Really great insight John. Thanks.