It is a GOOD Day!


It is a good day. As I reflect on this past year and look at all the events that have transpired both in my life personally as well as in current events I have to say, “It’s a good day!”  With the looming of the Fiscal Cliff, the uncertainty of our direction as a country and that nagging sense that there is impending danger, I still have to say in all honesty, “It is a good day!”

The Lord is drying up all our independence of Him. Our security will remain in Him alone. It is a good day that He’s destroying our country. Our security as Christians living in America will now be our security in His Kingdom. We are being delivered from a false security, a false hope, and a false kingdom. It is a good day. He is unshackling us from a falsehood that prevents us from being His alone. Our patriotism will be one of the Kingdom rather than only of this country.  Our security in performance, in knowledge, in health, in family ties, in country, in our supply, in familiar paths – our hope will now be in Him alone. Nothing will bring security but Him alone.  So yes, today is a good day!

This revelation came as a response I heard from the Lord after I was expressing to Him my fears and concerns about where we are as a country. He puts us at ease when we will but sit and listen. It is not that this word is easy to hear, for the results will most assuredly bring crisis, but it is a comfort to know He is in control and that He says, “It is a Good Day.”

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