Introduction to Overcoming Anxiety


If anxiety is in the ascendance, you can guarantee that His peace in me is declining. So how do I propose to leave the stronghold of anxiety?  I am not speaking to the occasional bout of anxiousness but the anxiety that is so rooted in my daily life that it seems like my very personality.

Today I would like to do something a little different. I would like to share with you the introduction I wrote for my upcoming booklet about anxiety. Martha and I were away all last week writing and I believe my booklet Overcoming Anxiety is finished. The hold up was the cover which I’ve been praying about all year. I was so excited when the Lord gave me the vision for it and I started painting it immediately. The painting will be done with the final touches this week. It is so cool that my art will adorn the booklet the Spirit wrote through me.

Overcoming Anxiety Introduction

Overcoming Anxiety Introduction
Thank you for picking up this booklet. In it I want to take you on a journey. This voyage is a path I have personally walked both in the negative and positive. As the title represents, I am looking to lay out a path of overcoming anxiety.

Anxiety kills our life and joy. It is an epidemic that is plaguing our world. But is it something we can be free of? Absolutely yes! Regardless of circumstance, we can live free of the fear of anxiety. Anxiety-free living is possible, and what’s more is required by God.

I know so many people who daily dwell in anxiety. They have done this perhaps most, if not all, of their lives. Anxiety can cripple even the strongest of us and is no respecter of person. Anxiety is a secret we hold in our hearts that eventually oozes out onto our face. It can change our living outlook and even make us ugly. The fear of anxiety twists us on the inside and out. Ultimately it overshadows our beauty.

It is my hope and prayer that this booklet resonates with your spirit and that the Holy Spirit uses it to bring a death blow to this destructive force in our lives. My desire is to ring a death knell to this life quenching force as well as put a nail in the coffin to eradicate it in our lives forever.

Could You Please Pray With Us

We intend on publishing this booklet in both print as well as Kindle format. Kindle will obviously be first as it takes a little bit to get the delivery of the books in print. As soon as we get the storehouse completed (by the end of the year) and the shelving put in, we will put in the order to print this booklet. I am really excited! Please pray with us for the process and the receptivity of the hearts that will receive it in the very near future.

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6 months ago

OH I can’t wait, you have certainly whetted my appetite with this introduction. Yes I will pray. Only the enemy of our souls would not want this published, and he is “finished” to quote our Lord on the cross!!!!