God’s Love for A Transgender


God’s Love for the Lost

God's Love for the Lost
Carole and I went to the Mellow Mushroom (a pizza joint) a few days ago and both of us witnessed the love and mercy of God in us. The love, compassion and mercy of God is always amazing to me. It just comes out in unexpected places. Carole and I saw it directed toward a transgender girl who was our server.

Here was a 21-year-old girl, tatted up and sporting a ball cap, and the love of God was just all over us for her. It was evident by her response to us that she could tangibly feel it, too. I personally have never met someone who identifies as another gender. And frankly, with my response to all the media hype about Caitlyn Jenner, I would have expected to respond with prejudice. My convictions are fixed about the concept itself, but here I sat with love for someone who not only supports it, but also is in the process of their own gender “reassignment.”

Let me say that I believe it’s a tragedy for any individual to so reject their God-given creation that they would surgically change it. It is the sign of the times we live in. But here at the Mellow Mushroom, I wasn’t meeting a belief or conviction. I was encountering a soul that the Father created and who Christ died for.

I could sit on a religious bandwagon and reject people who have sinful beliefs, but instead, I was moving with the Spirit of the Living God in mercy and love. My indwelt Lord didn’t shun her, He loved her and she responded to Him while not knowing it. She hung out at our table for a long time over and over again, all the while simply responding to a God who loved her.

I don’t know her life. I don’t know anything about her, but my Jesus had compassion and love and this is probably just what she needed. No, I would prefer her not to proceed on her destructive path, but Christ’s attention was not on changing her in this moment. He was loving her. This breaks my heart and proves to me that I need to live listening and dependent, not knowing anything.

God’s Love in Unexpectedness

God's Love in Unexpectedness
In this season of Martha’s husband passing from this life to the next, I am seeing that God’s goodness doesn’t always come in the packages I think it might. The extremes of Christ’s love are radical and not limited by any barrier. He broke through into our living reality to show us Himself. While on this earth, He didn’t scorn or shame the sinner; He loved us into a desire to change—a desire to be better than common or base.

I know Christ loves me everywhere. In the last few days, I’ve personally received His love through a sushi chef, who repeatedly gave me sushi gifts and said, “Stay strong for your mother!” And also in a bank representative, who repeatedly blessed me, rooted me on, and couldn’t stop high-fiving me and grabbing my hand. God’s love is abounding and present all about us, and if we are open to Him, He’s within us beckoning to a loveless world.

I want to stand for God’s holy standard whenever He desires to resolutely stand in me, but the mercy of our God washes the hand of His judgment. I am choosing to be open to His expression however it manifests. It melts my heart that His thoughts are so much higher than mine and different than I might suppose in any given moment.

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Sherry Major
7 years ago

This was awesome I loved it!!!!! I wish all of Gods children could get this into their spirit.

Daniel Erline
7 years ago

true love is pointing out sin too.. if we do not we do not love .. it is not about acceptance from the world … had people just accepted me i would still be a sinning transsexual.. but people prayed for me and my own family rebuked me and the transgender world surly wasn’t about love as they only sought for themselves the things of the world.. so yes WE MUST BE REBUKED FOR THE LIVES WE LIVE IF WE LIVE IN SIN..
Ex transgendered + supporters following JESUS NOW

7 years ago
Reply to  Daniel Erline

I totally agree with you Daniel. I am not soft on sin, nor was saying I condone a sinful lifestyle. What I am saying is that the Spirit was not confrontational with her, He just loved her through us. If He had been confrontational in me, then that is what I would have been. I went into it with no opinion. I was shocked by His response in me but trust that it was what she needed in that moment. Maybe it was the goodness of God that will lead her to a desire for repentance. In that love was… Read more »

Daniel Erline
7 years ago
Reply to  shulamite

no we do not want to be mean but if we see and are SURE someone is transgender then we must not support their way of life or it will make them think they are doing the right thing. I go to a grocery store where i meet a teller and tell him (not her) i believe in God and asked if they did. They said no i then said i use to be a transsexual but God has saved me and turned my life around. He cringed when i said it softly, but just went on about doing their… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Daniel Erline

I understand totally! All I am saying is that I allow the Spirit to direct my conversation. This world is a mess, if I went on my own convictions and opinions, I would be talking from sun up to sun down. 😉 I just choose to allow Him to be my guide in conversation. My personal approval or disapproval is meaningless in the grand scheme of things but if I allow the Spirit to be the source of my conversation/confrontation, there is eternal significance. Again, I do not condone her choice, she was created female by God no matter how… Read more »

7 years ago

Thank you, John, for sharing Father’s heart in this particular situation . . . it has been conviction and encouragement to me.
May the Holy Spirit’s presence be strong in your midst and with Martha and Kenneth’s family members and friends at this time, overflowing with His grace and tender love.

7 years ago

Beautiful! His love is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing about Martha’s husband. I pray He loves you all in a very tangible special way as you move through this time and comfort be multiplied to you all.

7 years ago

Multiplied grace and His precious presence to Martha and all of you John. You are in our hearts.

7 years ago

Thank you John, for letting God express His sweet heart through yours…
And asTammy and Sam have said, I barely knew Kenneth Kilpatrick…but there is great gratitude in my spirit for the life of this man, and the family that he loves. God bless you all.

7 years ago

Thank you John, for this sharing, and for telling us about Kenneth’s passing.

I already miss him, though I never knew him personally, I am strangely fond and proud of him. He has entered Love’s reign like the Eagles fly through your beatiful high mountains. “Love” and “Eagles” come to my heart regarding this precious Kenneth.

Oh, I embraze you all, specially Martha’s heart.

LOVE surmounts these Mountains! Oh, yes He DOES!


7 years ago
Reply to  Sam

Lord of the Mountain….is this one of God’s names? I’ve been dwelling on it lately. Only Love could rule a mountain…Only Love could be as dependable as a mountain.
Thank you, John, for letting us know.

7 years ago

“I wasn’t meeting a belief or conviction. I was encountering a soul that the Father created and who Christ died for.”
And this is His proof that He goes before us, within us.

Thank you for the words about Martha’s precious husband. I couldn’t explain to a friend my reaction to his passing…I barely knew him but my heart broke at the news. Your words will help me in the days ahead to share about the love I knew from just a few brief encounters.

Bless you John