Don’t Break the Bruised Reed


From Martha’s booklet, Decision (p. 28-29):

“Once I was fretting in the night about a stubborn person who was terribly destructive. Her selfish choices had spread evil and division to many. The Lord said to me very clearly:

‘I, God, have accepted her choice; who are you?’

“I was struck! From that moment I was able to release her to her choices. She ceased to have power to disturb my heart. Her selfish invading, her lying and manipulation did not change, but they had no effect on me.

“She had chosen. Who was I? Certainly not God!

“My anguish was my own fault. When she could no longer wreck me, she stopped trying. Now, I had no need to fight to survive her. She became shockingly quiet. A fight takes two. I had left the arena. Eventually she was no longer in my world.

“I cannot change another person’s will. I can influence. I can teach. I can witness…but every person must choose for himself.

“Jesus said to Peter who was focusing on another disciple…
‘What is that to you? You follow Me!’
John 21:21-22 NASB”

We each have to choose whether to receive and believe the truth – or not. The rise or fall of a life hinges on this decision, but I cannot, cannot, cannot make that choice for someone else.

If someone rejects the truth, as scary as I know that place to be, I still don’t have the right to chase them down and tackle them over it. I don’t get to move beyond God’s will, and when He’s done talking, so am I.

I know that there is great power in silence, but my temptation is always to “help God out.” Never mind that He’s GOD, there’s a chance that I can come up with a bullet-proof analogy or sales pitch that will result in the decision I want! But Truth is only a sword as the Word of God. The word of Jennifer is just a club for bludgeoning, sure to break a bruised reed (Is. 42:3).

The beauty of Martha’s experience as told in Decision lies in the dramatic result of laying down arms. “A fight takes two” indeed. Martha didn’t abandon the Truth of the situation; she stayed on God’s side. But when she stopped wrestling with this woman over the wickedness she’d chosen, everything changed.

I don’t want to miss the miraculous move of God that is just waiting on me to surrender and get out of the way. I want to witness the extraordinary result of Christ’s own humility. I’ve experienced the spiritual body blow that occurred when I was given the full measure of my choice, and I realized that I was standing alone in the octagon, with no one left to fight. My salvation wasn’t far behind. May I also have the privilege of bowing out of the fight and witnessing the immense power behind the silent assent of the Father.

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8 years ago

It’s been said before and I’ll repeat it now: This is precious oil, Jen, and a high price is paid for it. Bless you

8 years ago

“But Truth is only a sword as the Word of God. The word of Jennifer is just a club for bludgeoning, sure to break a bruised reed (Is. 42:3).” That is very powerful and very convicting. Wow!

8 years ago

Wow, powerful stuff Jennifer. Thank you and bless you for this posting. Seems that I have a picture of
carrying a “club” with me at all times UGH

8 years ago

me too…
I chose to use my club just the other day…

8 years ago
Reply to  Sandy

Me too, and how many times have I used His words in my way as a club — oh my.

Annalie du Toit
8 years ago
Reply to  Irene

I am so sorry for doing that too.
I really pray Holy Spirit will give us fresh insight and grace about this matter.

8 years ago

You express so many truths together. You are not alone in your temtations, BTW!