Lazarus was a Mummy


My five year-old nephew recently learned the story of Lazarus at his school.  And it was God’s gift to ME that he learned from a friend what a mummy is – at approximately the same time.  Hee!

His poor teacher had worked so hard to present this Bible story in a way that young children would understand.  Unfortunately, she included the detail of Lazarus being wrapped in linen, and my nephew’s newly acquired knowledge of mummies lit up his brain like a Christmas tree.  Turns out, “Lazarus was a mummy!”

I laughed long and loud and unashamedly – more so when my nephew acted out the story for me.  You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Lazarus portrayed as a tottering, moaning mummy with outstretched arms and a lazy eye!  Classic.  He didn’t stop with Lazarus either.  Someone else was wrapped in linen . . . yep, my nephew said in all seriousness, “I think Jesus was a mummy.”  I don’t envy my sister and her husband as they try to explain resurrection to a five year-old.

Now after I stopped laughing, I rather marveled at the deductive reasoning at work in my nephew’s mind.  A fellow dies, gets wrapped in linen, and then he’s up and walking around again.  Must be a mummy.  I follow his logic easily because it isn’t foreign to me.  I take a set of facts and try to make sense of them – within the limitations of my knowledge.  I think it’s safe to say that I’ve “deduced the mummy” more than a few times in my life.

I wonder how often God guffaws at something I’ve deduced?  Does He turn to Jesus and chuckle over how I view things?  I have grace for my nephew when he’s a terror, I delight in his little voice when he speaks, and I love him regardless.  God handily surpasses us in grace and love, so I cherish the hope that we, His children, are a source of delight to Him as well.

May we talk to our Father without guile or self-consciousness today, happy to share what we’ve learned (or think we’ve learned!), and be open to gentle correction or affirmation or a roar of delighted laughter.  It’s all love.

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