Kundalini Spirit Rather than Holy Spirit

Kundalini Spirit Rather than Holy Spirit

A precious friend of the Shulamites asked me a question the other day about a falsehood in the church. It’s the kundalini spirit, which generically refers to any temptation to seek other gods, false teachers, and spiritual distractions. It is the manifestation of signs without the Sign Maker. It’s a spirit of deception that leads people away from the Holy Spirit and the true move of God into the lie of demonic experiences. These experiences feel wonderful and mask themselves as spiritual happenings. The reality though is that these occurrences only lead us away from the Light and into the darkness.

Swallowing a Load of Kundalini

Swallowing a Load of Kundalini
How does someone come to the place where they are willing to swallow sewage and call it honey? I believe it starts in bitterness with God for not performing as we think He should. When we sit year after year in the pews with nothing happening, we can become bitter. When the status quo is preached week after week, we become weary with this monotonous reality. Then when the carnival barker comes in and promises spiritual adventure, I suck it down – hook, line, and sinker. “I am ‘due’ a tangible feel from God!” And whether we make the conscious decision or a subconscious one, we choose the immediate falsehood over the actual reality. Immediacy is a more attractive draw than having to actually seek God Himself.

This ploy of Satan is so crafty, because it is an assault on our very desire to experience the spiritual. God gives us these desires and yearnings of the heart. We are intended to desire relational intimacy and supernatural experiences with God, but too often we simply won’t invest the time and prayer to see this manifest. The timing is in God’s hands, not our demand. Then here comes a false prophet to give it to me right now. The deception is great because it attaches itself to genuine desire and hunger. The problem is a failure to wait. We function more like a spiritual addict than a disciple of Christ.

Manifestation of the Holy Spirit

Manifestation of the Holy Spirit
Does this mean that the Spirit doesn’t manifest Himself to reveal the heart of God? Certainly not! But the Spirit moves based on the Will of the Father, not my urgent desire for an immediate, convenient, technicolored dreamland.

I experience Christ in many ways. I have witnessed His amazing miracles performed right in front of me. And I personally have deep intimate relationship with Him. But I have never seen Him bow to my demands that He spiritually entertain me. The movement of the Spirit of God functions to glorify God, not me. His wonders leave me in wonder of Him, while the kundalini spirit just leaves me wondering.

The Enticement of Kundalini Spirit

The Enticement of Kundalini Spirit
The deception is totally enticing. It’s fraught with mystery and fantastical experience. But the true disciple of Christ listens closely to the Shepherd’s voice and is not led away by false wonders. If we are not listening and haven’t remained dependent sheep, then we will be fodder for this strange fire. It is only in relationship that can He sift the false from the true. In intimate relationship with Jesus, we find safety and His discernment. He leads us perfectly in the Way.

…that is, the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders, and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.
2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

“For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.
Matthew 24:24

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    • tammy

      Such a timely message John. It is my prayer that God will place it before all who are blinded by any spirit that is not His Holy Spirit.


      • I totally agree with your prayer! Hoping it was totally clear.
        Love you Tammy!

    • Nancy

      Thank you John for this today! Waiting on Him, and not making our own “strange fire” for light and excitement is something the Lord keeps hitting home to me. Witness to the reality of your message today!

      • Strange fire is exactly it Nancy! And the repercussions of making it is the same. Frightening! Love you, thanks for commenting!

    • I heard a definition of “infatuation” before, as being linked in its original meaning (?) to the idea of “strange fire.” It’s something to be aware of, for sure. What exactly does the word “Kundalini” Spirit mean? Or is that something you plan to expound on in a future post?

      • I am gonna write a bit more on this subject but I don’t know if I will answer your question. I looked it up the word and found it said: “Kundalini, in Hinduism is a form of divine energy believed to be located at the base of the spine.” I would conclude from this that it is energy from something other than the actual Divine Energy found through the Spirit in the Life of Christ. Let’s see if my next 2 posts help. If not feel free to ask more questions. Bless you Pamela! Thanks for the question! Infatuation is certainly a huge part and with its connection to strange fire I think it is dead on.

    • Bruce

      Good word John,
      I’m reminded of the children of Israel becoming impatient as they waited for Moses to return from being with God. They set themselves to make an imitation.

      Waiting on God is an act of faith. It is choosing to place our hope in Christ alone. And the proof of that hope is resting from our own efforts to make happen what He has promised to accomplish.

      • Oh Bruce that is a perfect example and so apt. It is like the imitation of the golden calf. Thank you for commenting with this. Bless you man!

    • Jacovin Davis Mosbey

      Now you nailed it I love the idea that you did acknowledge that God does move and does miracles and we have to seek Him and His word and have discernment and know the difference from counterfeit from the real deal from the Holy Spirit now I am from a charasmatic church but now I do not identify charasmatic nor pentacostal cause neither is in the Bible Baptist neither or any denomination but I do have to say when you have Joy from Yahuah there is nothing wrong with praising Him with joy now David dance the Bible say and Jeremiah the prophet said it was like fire shut up in his bones and in the New Testament they magnified Yahuah now joy is one of the fruit of the Spirit and some times it can manifest and you cannot help it but to shout and give Yahuah the praise and glory there are many of times when I am having a intimate time alone with Yahuah and through prayer or in His Word and even in my own worship moments I have experience the move of the Spirit and the presents of Yahuah was manifested in the natural realm and there is nothing wrong with at times for a preacher who gets excited when he preaches but however we should not focus on experience and feelings though cause there are times when you do not even feel Yahuahs presence and there are alot of flesh in alot of churches and services and you can tell the diference we must preach teach and stick to sound doctrine and discernment and its not just about experience but are we baring fruit and walking in true Holiness.

    • Jacovin Davis Mosbey

      And yes if He is leading you to Yahuah and His Word and not away from Him yeah you got the real deal and not the counterfeit kundalini especially leading you to false doctrines and teachings is He leading you to true repentance and Holiness or is the kundalini leading you to other gods and devils and self gratification 1John 4:1-6 tells us to test the Spirits to see if they are of God discernment for every believer and the discerning of Spirits to the ones who have that particular spiritual gift mention in 1Corinthians 12.

    • Lindsey

      My kundalini was awakened not long after I dedicated my soul to Satan bc I had read some good stuff about him on a website. I became aware of things like energy chords connected to chakras and that some people drain each other energy. I learned that my grandmother had an energy chord attached to me and was taking my energy so I cut the chord in spirit and not long after she died. After this demons began to say horrible stuff to me, accused me of killing her etc and punished me for it. I was dealing with demons using kundalini energy on me at the time. That was before and after my grandmother died.

      The demons I met were nasty to me, didn’t except me for who I was etc. Then used kundalini to clear my chakras at a fast rate that was behind scary. But truth be told I still have demons inside my feet and hands. They live there bc opening my kundalini and me fighting against it caused my kundalini to fuse out and I had this thing happen where my kundalini got really hot and the heat spread out through my whole body, my skin developed a blister bc of the heat. Then I heard voices and they said I was killing myself. I quickly panicked and tried the Buddha position and calming myself down and after some time the kundalini went down. After that experience all my attachments had gone, I felt clear headed and better until that night when the demons were angry with me they informed me that I had lost my life energy and because of that I could be possessed by anyone. So they placed 4 small demons in my hands and feet. They told me they could never forgive me for killing my kundalini and my nanna. In the end I was broken and went to the hospital and was sectioned. The demons continued to be nasty, and it was scary, they told me what meds to ask the doctor for and everything or they would torment me. They were very angry with me, I’ve never known such contempt. But one day I heard a different voice, the one of Satan himself and he told me he couldn’t help me now and I knew he meant bc of my kundalini getting fused out. He asked me to do two things, to be careful when I crossed the road and to stop getting jealous of people. His voice was calm. Then after that the demons started talking to each other saying she’s talking to the devil etc.

      I did go through hell and was traumatised for years, the memory of it all was very vivid and still is but the fear has left me. It’s strange bc before the kundalini I was a very different person, full of rage and had different interests. I don’t know if it’s the meds the hospital gave me or the kundalini it’s self but many people who know me notice I have changed for the better. It was like the old me died and all that was left of me was things in my heart and my awareness. I noticed things and people I loved were still there but other more negative things were washed away. I remember my old self but I am not her my heart is more open now. I asked the demons if I could have my kundalini healed and restored but I don’t get an answer so I’m guessing it’s either impossible or they won’t do it.

      Thanks to anyone who read this far.

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