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When I first began this journey, I approached my problem logically and came at it via many angles.  Trying this and that technique, all highly recommended by those in the know of “quiet times.”  What I found was, what worked yesterday might not work today and visa versa. I was looking for a steadfast rule into His presence and all I read failed to give me a lasting answer.

“Prayer at its highest is a two-way conversation and for me the most important part is listening to God’s replies.” – Frank Laubach

Because I was looking for a formula into relationship, I was sorely thwarted. I think my connecting with Him at all was just His grace and mercy.  Which one of us wants a friend, spouse or family member to come at us with the three bullet points of relationship heard at the Sunday sermon?  Well, neither does God.  Relationship is about the heart or it is not relational.  God didn’t give me a heart and a free will to come at Him in a sterilized, robotic form. He gave a feeling heart to me to enter into fellowship.

So after the cart was turned over and I began to enter this with an open heart, then I could hear what He desired.  Then I began to see what fellowship, friendship and intimacy looked like with God.  It was something that was beyond my comprehension and against all my whirling attempts.

There is a secret to union with God, and on Wednesday I will reveal what He showed me.

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