Just a Vessel of Clay

molding man from clay

Let me give you another limitation that includes us all.  This one, once accepted, will shoot us into the stratosphere.  It is a limitation of our very creation.  We are each a vessel made of clay to contain, not produce, the passion and pleasure of God.

A Vessel: Lump of Clay

A Vessel: Lump of Clay
Have you felt the burn of His desire? I know you probably have, but did you know that this is what you were experiencing? I can say that I didn’t. I thought that I was begging and pleading to be with the Lord with a desire that originated from me. Ha, what emotion can dirt and spittle manufacture of its own accord? Have you ever seen mud desire? Have you ever seen clay, a hunk of nothing, with eagerness for anything? Ever pining with zeal for the Divine? No, we see it lying there like a glump. It can be resistant on a potter’s wheel if not moist enough, but possessing passion, who would think? No, if enthusiasm for God emanates from us, it’s safe to say that it has been breathed into us from an outer, nobler source.

Do we come to the table of the Lord with hunger pains? These yearnings and cravings for Him are but His desires flowing through us. If I believe that my desire for God is from me and not His desire flowing through me, then I will become disillusioned, discontented and eventually embittered. Because my human view is that I want Him and He is not coming. But let’s see it this way, is He upping the ante for His desires? Is He setting us up to go beyond our current level of desire to experience Him more?

A Vessel Waiting on God

A Vessel Waiting on God
I came to a quiet time one morning and said as I normally did, “Oh God, please speak to me. Please express Yourself to me today!” His reply was, “I am pouring.” At first I thought the thought was mine, but then I realized He was speaking to me. He was saying, “I am pouring within you My desire. I am filling you to the brim with passion for Me. Yes, My passion. I am going to drink deep, but now I am pouring from My pitcher into you, My cup.”

You and I, His cup! A clay-made vessel to receive Him. Impassioned by Him, the desire of our life. If you have yearnings for Him, passions unsatisfied which seem to be becoming stale, take heart! The longing is not a ploy to frustrate us. It is not an abuse perpetrated upon us by a neglectful God. No, it is His pouring into us. You don’t want Him only to sip, a quick connection and then a passing by. No, you want to wait for Him to pour in as much as He wants to pour, so that He can drink from you as much as He wants to drink.

Just a Vessel of Clay
Though the times of waiting may seem to be an eternity, it is just a season. He is worth the wait, no matter how our flesh and soul may try to persuade us differently. A willingness to be still in His presence as He fills us full. Waiting till every last drop has been poured in, then with His satisfaction, we will be satisfied. We will be a vessel to bring pleasure to the Eternal King, and this communion will make our joy full.

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    • Sam

      Oh my…

    • Sandy

      “If I believe that my desire for God is from me and not His desire flowing through me, then I will become disillusioned, discontented and eventually embittered. Because my human view is that I want Him and He is not coming.”

      EXACTLY!!!!!! Oh my goodness…
      This is so big! Everyone needs to know this!
      “Churches” are loaded with people that feel this way…
      I was one.

    • Leigh

      perfect timing!! sigh!

    • Angela Wade

      Amen. Jesus persued me for the longest time as my Bridegroom and I was so shy with Him at first, thinking it was MY emotions and I wondered if it was just “me”. Jesus loves to use songs as one of His favorite ways to perfectly speak to me His heart for me and the one He chose to give me melted my heart, it’s “I can’t fight this feeling” by REO Speedwagon of all things! I was going through my day and all of a sudden this “oldie” song, “I can’t fight this feeling” started running through my mind and kept on for days. I went to the park one day, parked my van and pulled out my journal. I began to write down the lyrics to this song and tried to remember them to the best of my knowledge, since it had been YEARS since I had heard it! I went for a walk in the park and when I got back in my van, I asked Jesus openly, “Is this song from You? Or is this just in my head?” Well, the very second I turned on my vehicle to come home, I switched on the radio and that VERY SONG started playing and I had not heard it in years!! This happened about 12 years ago and ever since then, He’s done things like this so intimately in my life with Him. He’s stolen my heart and now I no longer wonder if it’s “me” or “Him.” It’s all Him.

      • C

        That’s interesting Angela. I was just listening to this same song the other day and thought it was very apt for my journey with Christ, even though it is a secular song. Then I come across your youtube video about yearning for Christ that led me here and I saw your comment about that song. 🙂

    • Barb

      : )

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