Judgment: Someone to Remember

Judgment: Someone to Remember

There is much talk of Blood Moons, Jewish Shemitah, judgment, destruction, wrath of God, and economic collapse.  It seems everywhere you turn, someone, either religious or secular, is preaching the apocalypse.  And granted, we’re running off the cliff and I believe we’ve long since passed the point of no return. God can only be mocked for so long until man’s fate is sealed. I don’t speak this to discourage, but I believe we as a nation have crossed the line. And every Christian, and most of mankind, knows the issues that constituted that line. So today I’m not going to discuss the 700-pound gorilla in the room; but what I do want to address is something much more dire.

In 2009, Martha brought a message forth at Shulamite Ministries’ The Coming One conference. In it she stated, “The real crisis is not WHAT is coming, but WHO is coming!” If you haven’t heard those messages I highly recommend them. *

Judgment Hysterics

Judgement Hysterics
While the world is melting down in hysterics about the particulars of our judgment, our temptation is to focus on what is happening. I know for me this is the case. But remember what I shared in a recent post about what God said to me? “Don’t look at what is happening, look at what I am doing.”

Usually the reason why we want to know what is coming is in an effort to protect ourselves. If I can pull my money out of the bank, buy gold and silver, store food, get guns, then I can prevent the meltdown from touching me. But unless these efforts are directed of the Spirit, it’s all futile.

Here’s the point I want to make today: judgment is for those who have left God. Israel was judged when they left God and did as they wished. Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden when they left God to listen to another’s voice. And our hearts have been led astray because we left God to do it “My Way!” We are suffering the effects of leaving God. We’ll now not be saved from the coming crisis by switching our gaze from willful pursuits of self to fearful endeavors to save self.

I’m not going to solve an issue of wayward focus and idolatry by fearfully focusing on the consequences of this sin in an attempt to prevent it from hurting. Our issue is leaving the Lord; it won’t help to now focus on another thing that still isn’t Him.

Judgment Gets My Attention

Judgment Gets My Attention
The point of all judgment is to get our attention and cause us to return to the Lord. What judgment is not about is the do-si-do to avoid what He is doing to get our attention. It isn’t about bolstering my resources to survive the judgment.  It’s not figuring out the timeline so I know when to duck. Judgment is a call to return, not simply a request to switch our distraction. Judgment is His loving mercy to cause those who will be entreated to return to Him.

When we’re tempted to scurry about to find out what’s happening, or to lay out the timeline in an effort to stay safe, let’s remember the point of these crises. It’s to remember the One who’s calling for our attention and focus.

The crisis of our times is purposed for the lost and wayward. The true Body of Christ is a witness to these things but doesn’t have to be consumed by them. Let’s continue to gaze upon and listen to the Father, rather than becoming distracted by what is happening.

* The Coming One audio series is currently on sale at LivingChristianBooks.com. And also Kingdom Safety at ReadMK.com

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    • Gaby

      Thank you, John, for this important word! Helping us to put or eyes back to the right focus. The only focus!
      There is one safe place, and that is HE Himself.

    • Margo

      It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees. Ps 119:71

    • Sandy

      Yes John, let’s not be distracted but have a single eye!
      May our hearts pound in our chests in fearful expectation for THE ONE who is coming!

    • Hannah

      Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you. So good.

    • Sam

      John, thank you for this word. That last picture you set really makes the point to stand out so fiercely. Thank you thank you.

      May God enrich our gaze and may our hope be strongly rooted in the One that is coming!

    • Stephen

      Thank you John! Much needed word!

    • Wanda

      Thank you. John. I appreciate this word.

    • Paul

      Such a refreshing perspective, John…thanks so much for this necessary readjustment of our focus!

    • Sule

      Amen John, The Lord is alive, well and able and He has it all under control without outlet help since the beginning. Our focus should be on Him and remembering it was and is always about Him. Amen!

    • Sule

      It was and is always about Him. He had it in control since the beginning of times and He is well and alive to do so end of times. Amen.

    • Laurie

      John yes yes yes! I love everything you said. It’s so true.
      Thank you for sharing.

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