Judgment is Salvation

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Recently I again had a huge seeing about God’s judgment. You know, it’s so totally different than I’ve ever perceived.  I was in the camp with most of the world, that judgment was more akin to hatred and rage than love and jealousy.  You remember I wrote about the Judgment of God a few weeks ago. Well, I’m not going to rehash that same topic, but I am going to open up my personal experience with God’s smiting hand.

Martha reminded me the other day that the intent of judgment is always salvation. I want to discuss how personal judgment can equate situational salvation. Ah, isn’t that wonderful? God’s not licking His divine chops to just give the wretched their due.  If that was the case, then why would His Word say, “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.” Although judgment is real and actual, it’s not without a deeply passionate Heart.

So to show this played out, I want to give you a story from my personal life. Years ago, I was going through a very, very tough time. I was in great despair and grief over my personal condition.  I just couldn’t get out of my funk.  And in a particular dark time, through tears, I said to someone that I hated my life!  It was a rage-filled admission.  After this purging, I left and pressed on as if everything was the same—it was not.

Within two weeks of speaking those words, I had a health crisis so extreme that I about lost my mind.  My body went numb. I couldn’t feel my legs or left arm or left side.  I couldn’t even feel myself using the restroom.  All I could do was sit in a scalding tub of water, which somehow feigned to my senses some normality.  Many fears coursed through my brain. “Did I have a stroke?” or “Do I have a neurological disorder?” I was at a complete loss.

Well, this whole thing hit while I was traveling with Martha, who was speaking at a conference in California.   And she could never get worried or concerned.  I was freaking out, but she was not concerned.  Sounds crazy I know, but it was God.  If she were anything but calm, I would’ve been to the nearest hospital begging for an MRI.

God was on it, in it and so He was the answer.  I looked to Him and then I could see His attitude about my proclamation.  I’m His child, and in our relationship, He wanted to adjust my thinking.  My statement of hating my life was brought into perspective when I no longer could feel my body. And between He and I, I knew this was His chastisement. Judgment against my heart attitude, but it was for my saving.

Now back to my statement, how does personal judgment equate situational salvation? Well, in God’s judgment was His love.  As I listened to Him, I heard what I was to do.  I was to restrict my diet to something rather extreme—a forced fast, so to speak. As I went on this fast, so did the body of Christ that walks with me.  It was outstanding. And from that obedience, my body became right, as well as assisting in the health of several others.  This chastisement became a supply—a salvation! We all became healthier and more conscious of the need.

I’ve seen this over and over where God’s judgment leads to salvation, though it doesn’t always turn out as we would like.  I’ve seen some struck with cancer, and though they weren’t healed of the disease, they entered into the joy of salvation through the process and went home to be with the Lord. God’s economy is just different from mine.  He’s my Shepherd and He is able to crook me into the right stance with circumstance and situation.  He cares enough to orchestrate a demonstrative situation that puts everything in perspective.

As I walk with Him, I see Him moving all around His children. The most precious examples I’ve witnessed of judgment leading to salvation must remain private. They’re all so deeply personal and uniquely intimate. Each and every one exalts His Lordship and sovereignty, as well as His Father’s heart toward His children.

As one very familiar with His firm, Fathering hand of chastisement and judgment, I want to say, it has been the most securing force of His love.  It’s been years since I experienced that numb episode.  And it was years until most of my feeling returned.  It isn’t like I just ate a salad and poof! it was over.  It was years of discipline reeling those words back into my mouth.

And though it started out in stark fear, I ended more aware of His amazing love.  God Himself took my heart in hand and molded it to see Him more clearly.  Though I can still have a bad day, I know His eye is on me to bring forth the Life of His Son.

So now, I don’t hate my life…

Come, my children, listen to me;
and I will teach you the fear of the Lord.
Whoever of you loves life
and desires to see many good days,
keep your tongue from evil
and your lips from speaking lies!

Psalm 34:11-13 NIV

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    • Sandy

      Thank you John…

    • Andrea

      it’s always about the heart ….. the words that come out our mouth simply are the overflow of what is in our heart and Jesus is always always always interested in our heart …. thank you John for sharing something so personal …good words for each and everyone to hear …. and remember …

      • pearl

        Yes, it’s the overflow of our heart when our mouth speaks…So true Andrea.
        Thank you John for sharing this profound example of God’s dealing with you…bless you guys!!

    • Tina

      It is amazing to me how the Spirit prepares my heart to receive the Word of God and His dealings!

    • Irene

      “He’s my Shepherd and He is able to crook me into the right stance with circumstance and situation.” I love this word picture John. I can see Him “crooking” me back on The Way. Now you have me pondering the words judgement and discipline . . .

    • Sharon

      Life and death are in the power of the tongue. I pray that The Lord won’t smite me or attack me. I pray that I will continue to have the mind of Christ and that His Word has healed my body, I need to continue to receive the healing He has given us. I ask to negate words that have come out of my mouth and from my heart that will hurt or maim others. I ask for a guard around my mouth and to be muzzled I praise Him for all the body parts that he has created and formed when I was in my mother’s womb to be restored to help me be a good steward to His temple, my body. But also to remember what goes into my body is not as important as what comes out of my heart. To continue tho restore my heart to the fleshly one and to reveal what is unclean in it. God is Faithful!!!!

    • Sam

      Buffff… this hit strong.

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