Joy Is Not Foolish

Joy Is Not Foolish

Joy is as multifaceted as love. Joy can be a quiet, unquenchable contented spirit. It can be explosive and wild. Joy can also be glorious, an inexpressible heart-to-heart worship that words would profane. But joy is not foolish.

When I am in the joy of the Lord, I am not in a state of ignorance. Joy is the result of my seeing the world and my life more clearly, not less, because I see with the eyes of Jesus Christ. Joy is many things, but never foolish.

Joy Is Not Foolish, It’s Wisdom

Joy Is Not Foolish, It’s Wisdom
Jesus rejoiced because His Father was Love—absolutely sovereign and utterly good. His purpose was perfect, and joy was the response of the mind of Christ to His Father’s ways. When I experience the joy of the Lord, I am of one mind with Him. And in that moment, there is no fear or confusion or doubt. There is only God and His perfect Love.

The world will no doubt call joy foolish. Why shouldn’t they? They see with earthly eyes only. At any given moment, it looks foolish to be joyful because things are just awful. And getting worse by the day. But joy is not foolish.

Joy Is Not Foolish, It’s Divine

Joy Is Not Foolish, It’s Divine
When I am in perfect union with Jesus, and He is joyful, then sharing His joy in that moment is the height of wisdom. In that joy is the eternal love that flows between Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit – and I get to share it. I have the privilege of rejoicing with heaven and bringing that joy down to earth.

And that’s the crux of it all. Joy is not just an emotion that can be ginned up as circumstances warrant. It is a heavenly state of being. There is no mimicry of joy that is not off-putting at best and downright creepy at worst. Joy is divine and we are its earthen vessels. “The joy of the Lord is my strength!” And if that is so, then true joy is not foolish. It is mighty.

For you are [indeed] our glory and our joy!
1 Thessalonians 2:20 AMPC

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      • Pauline

        Thanks, JP, that was beautiful . . . love songs from scripture; my husband also appreciated the guitar chords at the bottom.
        Bless you for sharing!

    • Pauline

      Ahhhh! “Jesus rejoiced because His Father was Love—absolutely sovereign and utterly good.” . . . “When I am in perfect union with Jesus, and He is joyful,…”

      Usually, when we refer to the joy of the Lord, the connotation (for me) seemed to be about OUR joy. Then, not too long ago, Martha (I believe she is the correct source) asked the question: “What is the LORD’s joy?”
      That kind of took me aback, because I never read it that way.

      So when you started on this topic, I was looking for an answer to this (because I was too lazy to search for Martha’s answer in her writing).
      What you have conveyed is much of the answer: when we are in perfect union with Jesus, His joy becomes ours as we see His joy in His Father. Something like that (?)

      Then got to wondering, why He “rejoices over [us] with singing,” when there’s nothing good in us.

      One short article mentions that He sings over us til we see His beauty. WOW!

      So, as I read that verse in Zephaniah again and noted the context of this verse, it appears that God sings and rejoices over His people because HE has removed our judgement; because, though rebellious, HE has restored us and because He knows that our only righteousness is found in Him. It’s all about HIM and what He’s done for us that He is rejoicing (so many “I will”s in this last chapter) not because, in ourselves, we are so delightful to Him.

      Maybe I’m off the track, but this message you received and delivered is certainly worth pondering some more.

      Love you!

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