Is 2020 over Yet? The Blessing of COVID!

Is 2020 over Yet? The Blessing of COVID!

Well, I have discovered my blessing of COVID and all the surrounding chaos in these last few months. Perhaps it has been your blessing too?! After months struggling to overcome fear and disconcertion I now see the silver lining to it all. Once and for all my hopes in this world have been exhausted. Where once I held out hope that people would have integrity and that goodness would prevail, now those hopes have been redirected to the only worthy Source—JESUS.

Is 2020 Over Yet?

Is 2020 over Yet? The Blessing of COVID!
No longer can I rest my hat on the façade of goodness placed over man and this world’s evil. The thin veneer has been ripped to shreds and now I see the clear distinction between heaven and earth. There’s no strange bleed-through or crossover, the only thing noble on this earth is the very Life of God in His Son. My trust is in God alone to do what needs to be done and to bring in the Kingdom. I pray that I will never again look to man to be what only God Himself can be, good, godly and worthy of anything notable.

Some may say, well of course, John…but the problem is even though we might know that there is no one good mentally, somewhere in our hearts we often hope something good will arise. I know I have, haven’t you? Whether it is hope that our leaders would be good and just, or those around us will behave with integrity. The fact remains, those hopes will always be dashed. Unless Christ is the life, those we trust in, even ourselves, will burn, sting and bite us on the backside.

The Blessing of Covid and the Chaos

The Blessing of Covid and the Chaos
Christ proved this in how He viewed mankind. “But Jesus didn’t trust them, for He knew mankind to the core. No one needed to tell Him how changeable human nature is!” John 2:24-25 TPT Jesus didn’t entrust Himself to any man, even those closest to Him, for He absolutely knew the corrupt nature of man. He knew and yet remained utterly vulnerable to the Father!

In the past few months we have witnessed unprecedented things. We have seen the wheels on the cart fly straight off. The gilded wrapping on the actions of man have been shown to be just that, gilding. And beneath the tinsel is black motives and evil tactics. And I am talking about all man not a side or party.

The Good News

The Good News
So how is this edifying or good news? Because once our hopes are placed on the only One worthy, we are free of our expectation and misguided hopes. And with our faith in the Lord, His character and actions, we see the Kingdom rather than the darkness as predominate. Sure, darkness will still connive to gain power and have influence, but this is just the machinations of man. The Truth is so much higher than the squirming and scheming of man.

It seems to me, something has happened. The social conventions that usually kept wide spread darkness from rushing forth unashamed have been let down. It feels like the wild west most days. Is God letting us feel the weight of our choice to live apart from Him? Everyone will have an opinion on this. But as I have said, my hope is in the Sovereign God who is worthy of my trust. If ever there was a time in our lifetime to turn our faces to the Lord, it is now. And those who seek His face will see Him and be sustained.

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    • LeAnn Zeitouni

      ‘If ever there was a time in our lifetime to turn our faces to the Lord, it is now.‘ Yes and amen!

      • Thank you LeAnn! I have never in my life been more pressed into trusting and leaning. The chaos and uncertainty is epic. But the God of our story is so present. Love you!

    • Deborah

      This is a time for gathering extra oil! It is not found by the Bride in the market place but the secret place. We are just so used to “shopping” in both places. I think to see the truth of that has been a good thing both in the natural and the spiiritual.

      There is literally nothing left in the market place except something like this because it’s all about Jesus and following…pursuing Him.

      I feel disappointed on one level because the world does not satisfiy and heartsick..lovesick on another level. God is removing my props. In the end it really is God alone and it’s meant to be that way.

      I am having to trust Him in new ways. My contract twaching job as an Outdoor University teacher has all but crashed and burned. Our outdoor school has not seen a student since February! I felt this was where I would be until the end of my time on earth. Just like many I am waiting on the Lord to do a new thing. Asking that He give me eyes to see…eyes to hear…I am praying that this Feast of Trumpets He will come for His Bride.

      • Seeing it as Bridal preparation has made it tolerable. Thank you for sharing this. Blessing you!

    • Helen

      Such truth here, John…”hopes have been redirected to the only worthy Source—JESUS.” You have lifted out, the blessing indeed! Condensed down, to God. We are surrounded by wildfires; many small towns around us are threatened or gone. Firemen are in tents on a campus near us. We haven’t seen sun or moon or stats for days, just smoke & soot, & our vulnerability. Awareness is intensified, it’s right in front of us. And Mercy….to tears.
      That changeable human nature, our/my own, & others, hasn’t that been made clear. Bullies stand in the alley…no matter what they call it. Christ stands Eternal! “I could not be YAWEH if I were to change.” Those words blaze Light. We are stretched out to see the INFINITE GOD! There is this unstoppable, immeasurable TRUTH, all ends IN CHRIST. Astonishing Integrity, CHRIST! With your last question, I can’t help but think of Daniel, in his surroundings, with his trust ever in God. Chapter 4 is wrapped around warning, unheeded—the beast brought out, exposed,—
      The Integrity & Sovereignty of God, over men & history. God’s Exaltation & Glory! We lift up our eyes, to SEE HIM!

      • While you on the West are experiencing the fires up close and personal, I believe it is the reality of our nation. We are on fires and God is the only Light we can see. WOE! Praying you are out of harms way Helen! Love you

    • Sandy

      Ah! Yes…
      To me it has seemed that this has been a time of sifting. Of the Body… Where the choice to react or to trust are now decisive… Because Christ is being revealed.
      A most humbling and awe inspiring time to be witnessing.
      I want to fall on His side…

      • Sifting is precisely it, isn’t it! Our hidden heart and internal choices are being revealed and coming to the surface for all to see. Love you Sandy!

    • the world’s weakness in fear being exposed. A “small thing” bringing chiefs and paupers to tremble because they have not held to the One God of heaven and earth. Thanks be to Him for refreshing, cleansing of the threshing floor, that the good grain of faith may come forth on to glory.

      • What a great statement Marshall! Thank you for commenting and reading the post. Bless you Marshall.

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