Idolatry, Idols and Worship

Idolatry, Idols and Worship

The other day I was once again in the pool, swimming with my waterproof iPod, and I heard an awesome track on the second disc (“Gods with a Little ‘g’”) of Leave Thy Parents by Martha Kilpatrick.

“You cannot have two masters. In 1 John 5:21 AMP, John wrote this to the overcomers: Little children, keep yourselves from idols (false gods)—[from anything and everything that would occupy the place in your heart due to God, from any sort of substitute for Him that would take first place in your life]. We’re in danger of dipping into idolatry and bowing our knee at any moment because we’re worshipers. We were created to worship and we worship. The question is not whether, the question is what do we worship and who do we worship.”

I am for Worship

I am a Worshiper for worship
Just amazing! God knows, because He created me to be a worshiper, that I am going to worship something. And as I wrote in my recent posts, it can even be my idea of God rather than actually God! This is both frightening and comforting. Frightening because of the reality of my propensity for idolatry, but comforting that my God made me with this in mind—and He has the ability to keep me.

Here is another morsel gleaned from listening to Martha:

“If you have an idol, you can even read the Word of God but won’t be able to get it. You only believe your God” (Leave Thy Parents, “Gods with a Little ‘g’”, Martha Kilpatrick).

This is all just incredible. I listen to and believe my choice of gods. I know I’ve had idolatry in my life. Before being saved it seemed that if it moved (and even sometimes when it didn’t), I’d bow. I don’t know if there’s a golden calf out there I haven’t bowed to. And why? Because I am a worshiper!

I’ve been created to worship. It would be ignorant to fight my making and try to prevent worshipping, because I WILL worship. We can’t say, “I just won’t do that.” We can’t help it because it’s who we are. But what I can do is yield to the God who designed me to worship HIM, and Him alone.

Shameful Idols and Idolatry

Shameful Idols and Idolatry
A clear sign of my idolatry is shame. We become ashamed of our idols and rightly so! Idolatry is shameful. God engrafted into our conscience the natural response of turning our face from Him—SHAME. It’s a safeguard on our souls and spirits, a warning flag. As long as we haven’t seared our conscience, it will cry out when we displace God.

So how does God bring us back from our idols? Oh He does it so perfectly. Sometimes all the correction that is needed comes directly from our idols. They burn us, they fail us, and they turn against us. Praise God, He turns our idols against us, and let’s our conscience burn. The external and internal pressure is usually all that is needed to send us screaming back to the One God.

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    • Sam

      So true. It is all a matter of love. We were made out of Love, from Love. Love created us. So we cannot prevent love in our lives. We cannot help loving. Anything. Anyone. Idolatry is just shameful… it is a rejection of our Original Love, a spiteful spit of His heart, a blindness of vanity. I hurt Him with my idols, and as you say, it is really shameful.

      Love you.

    • sue

      Thank you JOHN for your gut=level honesty…..”ITS who we are!!!!” There is no way I can walk away from this posts and tell myself that I have never worshipped “idols” and would never build a golden calf. Such a true picture, “they burn us, they fail us, and they turn against us.” I just Praise the One True God that He has covered me with Christ’s righteousness by HIS blood to cover my shame. BLESS you LORD

      • Paul

        Sue, I’m always as blessed by your comments as I am by the blog! Thank you for the thoughts you faithfully share!

      • Sam

        Amen. Jesus is much better than a friend.

    • Sandy

      I have reread this post a lot over the weekend and have spent quite some time pondering on it and realized that my unforgiveness, bitterness, envy and hate are indeed idols (gasp!) I bow to!
      They reveal my belief, and therefore unbelief in Christ…
      That’s how low I can go…

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