I See YOU! The God Who Sees

I See YOU! The God Who Sees

There is nothing more poignant than to be seen. To know God’s eyes are on you is awe-inspiring. But then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known (1 Corinthians 13:12b). This is what I wanted more than anything as a child. I wanted to be seen and known. I wanted to know He cared and saw me in my life and circumstance. No, I wasn’t interested in a casual cerebral knowing, I wanted that deep awareness only Christ gives. I needed Him to say, “I see you, John!”

Now, I don’t want the responsibility of being His eyes for everyone, but I do want to see who He wants to look at through me. Oddly, He is even jealous of who He uses to see us. God sees us individually through whom He wishes. I can have no expectation on anyone, even the likely candidates; all my expectations have to rest on Him. This is what God gave me through my great aunt Maizie. He saw me through her and in that, I knew I was seen. This was a ministry beyond words and had a deeper impact than mere human kindness. I praise God that my interaction with Maizie was limited; it kept the focus on the Father rather than His chosen vessel. I am forever grateful to her and bless Jesus for using her.

The Gift of I See YOU

The Gift of I See YOU
I was given a gift of being seen and I value seeing others, too. What is it to see? Seeing is to have no opinion or judgment of the person you’re looking at. It is going in open-handed rather than tight-fisted. Many of us want to rush in to label, define, or give an answer. This is going in to tell, not see. To go in with His eyes is to let Jesus show you what He sees. Quite often things that are blatantly obvious might not even come into view. My vision is so limited while Christ’s sight takes in the whole picture: where they’re going, where they’ve been, and what He has planned. Sometimes we don’t need to be rescued from our circumstance, we only need to be seen in them.

Now I walk with Martha, who exemplifies His seeing more than any I have ever witnessed. Not only has He seen me through her eyes, but I have also observed His seeing of others through her. Jesus always surprises me with His vision. Truly He doesn’t see us as we see ourselves.

I See You, Too

I See You, Too
Knowing what it is to be seen, I always want to be available to be His vessel of seeing. I desire His Life to have full expression as He wishes it to manifest. This is what it is to have Christ’s Life be our life. Again, if I am focused on me rather than Him, I will be blind to Him and what He is looking at. But if I have His gaze, it will have a reverberating impact now and throughout all eternity.

Thank you, Father, for seeing us. Thank you for those who willingly see Your view. Please use our eyes to see what You Yourself will see.

“God never overlooks a single sparrow. And He pays even greater attention to you, down to the last detail – even numbering the hairs on your head!”
Luke 12:6-7

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    • Heidi

      ‘Please use my eyes to see what You Yourself will see … because if I have Your gaze, it will have a reverberating impact now & throughout all eternity.’ This is what I ask of the Holy Spirit each Sunday I pray for others at the altar of my church. I need His vision to discern the need – know the individual as He does – have heaven’s wisdom – speak His words of life & hope into their situation. I don’t take it lightly, knowing many are desperate to connect with the God that sees all.
      Thank you for this post, John! What a grace it is when we see what He does! I am ever learning how to live & move & have my (true) being in Him.

      • shulamite

        Bless you Heidi and thank you for being a vessel of His seeing! Also thank you for reading this and commenting here. I pray He answers your prayer mightily and uses you to minister His loving Fathering. ?

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