I Am Formless and Void

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OK, in today’s post I want to touch on the most important reason we are called to embrace the gift of need. If you take care of yourself, filling all the empty spaces of need, there is no room for Light. Need is the container of Light.

I am the Light of the world;
he who follows Me will not walk in darkness
but will have the Light of life.
John 8:12 NASB

My Need: Formless and Void

My Need: Formless and Void
The greater my need, the greater my capacity to display the Light of life. If I do not have an insatiable need, I will never have a tremendous anointing. Christ the Light will elude me because I refuse to be empty long enough for Him to come in. Only when I am empty can I be filled with Light.

We have been created as a vessel – simple, hulled out and void, from eternity past, since Adam. A vessel is what we are. When we refuse to be emptied of self, we delude ourselves. Self attempts to be light but there is only One Light. We must be empty and wait for His filling.

Avoiding Being Formless and Void

Avoiding Being Formless and Void
Unfortunately, some would rather delude themselves with false light than face the truth that we are destitute without Him. This false light is simply manufacturing strange fire. It’s settling for mere form rather than the manifest presence of God. It is scary to face the fact that we are utterly dependent.

“What if God fails to come and I am left desperate and alone? What if it doesn’t bring me glory and accolades? What if it is a waste of my life? What if He comes and everything that I’ve propped up as Light is exposed as darkness?”  

The pride of false fullness satisfies only momentarily.  There we are, thinking we’re the light but remaining in darkness.  And why the darkness?  When we think we are the source of light rather than the container, then the light in us IS darkness.

But if your eyes are bad,
your whole body will be full of darkness.
If then the light within you is darkness,
how great is that darkness!
Matt. 6:23

Humility of Formless and Void

Humility of Formless and Void
If we remain in humility, He will reward our need with Himself. The neediest will be the richest. The one who is open to receive, will be filled full.  In this place of void, Light will multiply to infinity.

All that we know began on this earth when it was formless and void.  As the Spirit hovered over the nothingness, God created Light. This is how it will be with the void in our lives that we choose not to fill.

That same creative miracle is performed each and every day in the child of God willing to wait, dependent on Him. The presence of Christ our Light increases exponentially.

Lift up your eyes, your Redeemer has come. You have been released from the burden of performance and the weight of self-expectation. He desires to be your life and Light.

In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men.
John 1:4 NASB

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    • Tina

      “He wraps Himself in Light and darkness tries to hide and trembles at His voice. How great is our God” How Great is our God Chris Tomlin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZFN8TBfgNU

      When the darkness within me tries to hide grab my attention and heart and lead the way, turn my heart toward Your light that what is not of You may be exposed and set free!

    • Jack

      John so many of your posts seem like letters just to me personally. All of them are just full of hope, direction and promise. In the natural I don’t believe it could be done. In the Spirit you amaze me still. John, I’m just so very proud of you and your walk with Him. I just may adopt you yet! I love you Jack.

      • shulamite

        I love you too Jack . . .
        Thank you for the encouragement and love.
        You are a treasure to me as well.
        I really needed this today!

    • Sam

      “Lift up your eyes, your Redeemer has come. You have been released from the burden of performance and the weight of self-expectation. He desires to be your life and Light.”

      We were created (inwardly) naked, and first thing we did after disobeying and heeding to evil’s voice (over God’s voice) was to cover ourselves. The result of our sin is to cover ourselves and NOT wanting to be what we are: inwardly naked creatures.

      “Voids”, as you say.

    • Pauline

      “Lift up your eyes, your Redeemer has come. You have been released from the burden of performance and the weight of self-expectation. He desires to be your life and Light.” John, I’ve known this in my head, for just about all the years it’s been hammered away from Shulamite Ministries (and I thank God!) since I’ve been acquainted with all of you. Only recently, when I’ve asked the Lord, “what do You want me to do?” [about whatever], do I hear: “only believe;” “how do you want me to respond to this?”–“only believe,” etc. Sounds so simple; but in the face of certain ones, certain ‘realities,’ certain hardships, it is a difficult work and I end up pleading: “Lord, help my unbelief.” It is only the Risen Christ Who then acts of my behalf.
      Thank you, John!

    • Douglas

      John, this is precious Light, His filling of need on this day. Thank you.

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    • Linda

      Wow! Thank you for writing a letter to me as well. Straight from the heart of Jesus to my own heart. Amazing!!

    • Barb


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