Holy Cow!

holy cow

I have a path I am following to expose the root of anxiety and reveal God’s Solution, but I need to stop and give a commercial.  A Holy Cow! moment in the process, or a “Ooo, I’m gonna tell on you, Satan!”

Holy Cow a New Website

Holy Cow a new website
Okay, to give you a little background, this weekend was the launch of a site revamp, ShulamitePodcast.com.  There was a lot of behind-the-scenes work, which no one ever knows. We were hoping and praying for a hitch-free launch, and though it was amazingly smooth, hitch-free was not the case.

So I worked until midnight, making sure everything was done to the best of my ability on Saturday night, and waited for the email notification to be sent. I didn’t make it.  The email went out at 1 am, and I went to bed at 12:30.  I stirred at 5 am and immediately looked at the email.  It was a fail.  The web developers failed to put a link to the new podcast, in the very notification for said podcast.  I flew out of bed to go send a secondary email to mop up.

So how does this relate to anxiety? Well, I wrote the email and praised God for the chance to thank people for following our podcast.  That is something I wanted to do anyway.  Then I spent the next 7 hours working in the back end of the site making adjustments and fixes.  At this point, I normally would have been exhausted, but NOPE!

Holy Cow Look at the Work

Holy Cow Look at the Work
Recently I’ve been praying that the Lord would do some things around my house. Remember, I renounced anxiety as my source.  Well, here’s what happened. I was able to do several days’ worth of work around the house and in the garden, pay a bunch of bills, deal with several reservations for an upcoming trip, install new software on my computer, purchase a number of things I needed online . . . and then at 5 pm I started writing a blog post.  And when I say days’ worth of work, I mean days!

So why is this so extraordinary?  Because this day pantsed the spirit of anxiety.  It also proves that I’ve had an incredible unbelief in God’s ability to perform my tasks. Christ’s resurrected life in me did the work of a week in basically 12 hours. So here is another aspect of anxiety: it is UNBELIEF! Unbelief in Christ’s very life to perform His will and purpose in mine.

All my fretting and struggling under the weight of anxiety does me not one whit of good.  That mistress is a LIAR. This day is a testimony to me. Christ’s indwelling of me and His living through me is where my life achieves His will. I prayed and surrendered to His life.  Now, the resurrected life is not unfamiliar to me, but complete freedom from the pressure of anxiety is. I waited for the unction of the Spirit to move rather than that anxious pressure to produce.  I wasn’t in fear and anxiousness, I was clear and levelheaded.  The day was easy.

Holy Cow the Lord is the Accomplisher

Holy Cow the Lord is the Accomplisher
This is from my journal: The Lord Himself fulfills that which He purposes. The one in the dependence of crying out sees the fulfilling. Just like the leaning of a little child. He fulfills His purposes. I am resolving not to accomplish but to look to the Accomplisher.

It makes me repentant, and while this is what I am doing, I am not being aggressive with myself.  I am repenting and moving on.  The blood is enough.  And now I am going to finish my day by hopping on my motorcycle and enjoying the beautiful mountains where God has placed me.  Even that will be His life enjoying His created life.

I cry out to God Most High,
to God who fulfills His purpose for me.

Psalm 57:2

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    • Sam


    • norm

      When God “Calls”, Only The Finest Equiptment Is Provided And Anxiety Is Certainly Not Included In His “Package. I Believe Life Abundantly More Is Included In His Package.

      • shulamite

        Abundant Life is certainly better than and anxious one . . . So true! Bless you Norm!

    • shulamite

      Holy Cow! The blog is wonderful! Thanks!

    • Pauline

      “repenting and moving on”–that is such a HUGE difference, John, from when you used to relate how you would beat yourself up before and during repentance. Indeed, the Blood is enough, and Christ gets the glory! It must be so encouraging to you to experience that you can actually have a totally stress-free day with Christ at the wheel. Thanks for the keys you gave, too: prayer, surrender and waiting. I want Him to take me there so fast (see, I’m stressing about it). . . and the obstacle: unbelief–who would have thought?! Holy Cow! is right!! Bless you, John!

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