He Sees Me and Wants to Be With Me?!

He Sees Me and Wants to Be With Me?!

The Lord sees me whether anyone else sees me or not. I know many who were neglected in their upbringing. The parents were too involved in their own lives to be involved with the children. It is so common that there are even songs written about it, like Harry Chapin’s song, “Cat’s in the Cradle.” It is easy to see your children as more of a fixture than a person. But this is not the case with our God. He sees us and wants us to know it.

The God Who Sees Me

The God Who Sees Me
I can easily conceive of my desire to know God, but to comprehend that I am known and seen by Him? This is more difficult. Inspecting, yes, but delighting to be with me? Not as much. Just the other day I wrote about something God told Martha on a trip. He simply said to her that He just wanted to sit with her. During a writing trip, God wasn’t looking for work, production, study, or even prayer. He just wanted to spend time with her, to sit with her. WOW!

In that same vein, April’s Message of the Month is about an aspect of this that few wish to acknowledge: God’s passionate jealousy. I can tell you that many run their lives on the edge of His jealousy. When we suffer or go through difficult circumstances, we usually take the opportunity to blame others, but could it be that God is the one to blame? Might our circumstances be His own jealousy? What if the “Cat’s in the Cradle” reality is more about God’s desire and jealousy for our affections than just man’s neglect? What if God didn’t give these parents eyes to see their children? Provocative, for sure! But what I have learned is that when God’s sovereignty rubs up against my wounds, I’m faced with a choice of whether to reject or receive His choice and Lordship.

His Desire is for Me and He Sees Me

God's Desire is for Me and He Sees Me
I am not saying that this isn’t a difficult reality. Neither am I excusing the negligence or abuse of a child—and God most certainly doesn’t! That’s the paradox. This whole thing is a dialog that has to be had with God. But it’s taking hold of my accusations and victimhood, and giving the power back to God. I invite you to listen to April’s message. It is dynamic! To see God’s jealousy as punitive is to miss the whole point. He doesn’t look at me like a taskmaster with angry eyes; He is filled with passion and longing for my whole heart.

As with everything, God’s ways are not my ways. And this includes His jealousy, which is different from our jealousy. Human jealousy is plagued with all that is fallen, where God’s jealousy is Holy. The experience of the Lord’s jealousy has annihilated my wayward pursuits and unified me to Him as my Father, Husband, Beloved, and Saviour. The Father’s jealousy is a jealousy against all that would destroy us, bringing us into His infinite pleasure.

Eyes That Sees Me

We’re seen by our Father, Yes, He sees me with all of His deeply passionate desire. He desires to tear us from that which prevents us from experiencing Him. This is a gift beyond words and into Life. When I see others through His yearning desire, there’s a passion beyond any human expression of desire. And when these ones see that piercing pursuit, they’re irrevocably impacted. This is why Christ’s Life as my life is so desperately important. The best my looking can offer this world is human kindness, empathy, or pity. But if I have Christ’s indwelt Life seeing through my eyes, an eternal ripple can be felt as it was with my great aunt Maizie.

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    • Doug

      John this is sooooo speaking to me

      • shulamite

        I am so pleased that it did. Bless you Doug. Love you man!

    • Douglas

      “Provocative for sure.” John, taken together with the Message of the Month, this is ‘provoking’ kind of like an earthquake ‘provokes.’ Stunning for sure.

      • shulamite

        Hahaha, perfect analogy! God bless you Douglas. Thank you for hearing and seeing. Love you!

    • Pauline

      “taking hold of my accusations and victimhood, and giving the power back
      to God.” Not always a welcomed decision . . . there goes any excuse that would justify my bitterness, hatred, withdrawal, even my own source of ‘comfort.’
      For some (guess who), this can be a deep work of the Holy Spirit to show that Father doesn’t hear excuses of victim-hood. His Son, could have been labeled a victim but because He willingly laid down His life for me, He is the ever, only Victor. It’s easy to know that and even believe it; accepting and receiving this Truth takes this to a whole different realm.
      Then, Jesus teaches us to pray: “Our *Father*” — Father = love, acceptance, security; His pleasure, as you mention – no “victim-hood” in that, just (not ‘just’) sonship.
      Thank you, John! This was great!

      • shulamite

        Bless you Pauline, I am standing with you for this deep work of His loving seeing. This is a gift beyond words and into Life. I too want to remain in His Victory rather than the prison of victimhood. Love you and thank you for commenting!

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