He Listens to Me


Oh, how the Lord hears our whispers.  He not only hears, He listens and responds.

Recently we took our grandson to Colorado with us to visit our daughter and her husband for a long weekend.  It was his 16th birthday, a milestone year for him.  The weekend was filled with new adventures and seeing brand new sights for him, Denver, the Rocky Mountains, Vail and Breckenridge.  He even experienced his first blizzard as we crept, driving down the mountains from Vail through the Eisenhower Tunnel and finally through an invisible curtain of blinding snow to . . . clear roads.   Astonishing!

The last day we drove to Colorado Springs, one of my favorite beautiful places on earth.  I lived there as a young teenager.  When he bought our house, Dad made sure that Pikes Peak was in full view in the center of our picture window, a magnificent living mural right in the middle of our living room.  Being in the military, we lived and visited places all over the world.  I inherited his love for travel and adventure that has given way to amazement and wonder at my God and His creation.

As we approached Colorado Springs, the whole mountain range was completely socked in with fog.  “Oh, Lord, would You just lift this fog?  Would You just let my grandson see Your magnificent handiwork, the glory of Your creation here in this place? Please, Father,” I whispered silently.  I turned to my husband and quietly asked him to pray, too.  With that we all piled out of the car for lunch.

After lunch we slid back to the car on the icy parking lot and I turned expectantly to see . . . WOW!  Yes!  His answer was YES!  There she was!  Still hidden slightly behind a translucent curtain, she was emerging slowly and coming to life.  Pikes Peak and the whole surrounding mountain range slowly transformed into brilliance, in glorious light.  Like a little child I squealed in delight, jumping up and down.  Yeah!  Thank You, Lord!  What a GIFT!  For me, it was like a big hug, the assurance and joy of abiding.  Later I realized that somehow I had touched His own desire (John 15:7 NKJV) and simply whispered it back to Him.  For our grandson, well, he saw and experienced God’s magnificent creation in all its glory, and . . . only Who knows what else?

Lord Jesus, thank You for every new experience of You, of seeing You and getting to know You.  Thank You for sharing the wonders and glory of Your creation that manifest and prove You are You, God!  Thank You for the answers to our whispers and cries, for the yes’s and for the no’s, for listening and responding.

Eye has not seen,
nor ear heard,
nor have entered the heart of man,
the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.

I Corinthians 2:9

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