Hate Living in this Life

Hating to Live in this Life

I have met so many people over the years that actually hate life. I too have hated living at points in my life, but this morning I’m seeing the travesty of this in a fresh way. I’m also seeing the root causes and the end result of this.

I Hate My Life

I Hate My Life
I don’t know if you would consider yourself as someone who hates their life, but like I said, I’ve met so many people who do hate life. Usually it can be seen in someone’s countenance and made evident in the fruits of their labors. It seems like the world turns on, and against, a man or woman who hates life. Tasks become drudgery and work becomes belabored. That sense of wonder and the twinkle in the eye refuses to shine. And why is this? Because the root of hating life is a hatred for God. When I hate life, I’m blaming God for how hard life is and how unfair He is towards me. The fruit of all this is living in fear and death.

There’s no doubt that life can be difficult. We each go through hard times and struggle with circumstances that arise. Some of our trying situations are life-long and others are more temporary. But our calling, as a child of God, is to experience everything that happens in life with Christ—good, bad & ugly. Our vision of life as drudgery makes us focus on self. Yet the intent of life is to acquaint us with Jesus. We’re not intended to muscle this life out on our own. We’re supposed to get to know our Lord and Savior prior to entering our eternity. If we look at our lives with this goal in mind, we’re less likely to be tempted to hate life and the God who has authored it. All of life is for getting to know who Jesus is. If I’m struggling, it’s for me to witness Christ in that very area and circumstance.

Hate Life? The Result!

Hate Life? The Result!
I said in the beginning of this post that I know the end result of hating my life. The result is death and fruitlessness. You can see this in Matthew 25 with the parable of the servants. Just as the one talent servant ended his life in futility and darkness, so too ends the man who hates life. I actually contend that this was the one talent servant’s problem—hatred of life and God. He buried his talent because life was too difficult, his master was too harsh, and he believed he was ill equipped to invest in this life with what he was given. He was a man who hated life. And if we look at where he ended, how he lived his life prophesied that end – weeping and gnashing of teeth in the outer darkness. He ended up there because that’s where he always believed he was. He wept with hatred for this life and gnashed his teeth with hatred against his master who required too much of him and treated him harshly. He lived in the darkness of hating life, and that is where he ended up.

Because you didn’t serve the Lord your God with joy and a cheerful heart, even though you had an abundance of everything, you will serve your enemies that the Lord will send against you, in famine, thirst, nakedness, and a lack of everything. He will place an iron yoke on your neck until He has destroyed you.
Deuteronomy 28:47-48 HCSB

Hate Life? The Purpose of Life

Hate Life? The Purpose of Life
Life is not for ease. It’s not about living without hurdles or barriers. Life is about witnessing the Son of God in every day and in every circumstance. Every situation is designed to acquaint us with Jesus Christ: His life, His heart, His mind, His power and His love. Every trial, every happening, all of life is an adventure of knowing Him.

We all can go through a seasons of hating this life, that seems inevitable. We just don’t like pain and stress, but Christ wants to show us His faithfulness while we witness His performance and provision in our very life. He is the joy and the cheerful heart that lives our life. We are merely the witness of His amazing Life as He sets up the stage to show Himself strong.

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    • Sam

      Wow, John. Always such a challenge.

      Love you!

    • Frank

      Appreciate your word, your insightfulness is always a help. What you have here is a key, we need to enjoy the adventure, loving life and the Shulamite’s, thank you John

    • Tammy

      Bless you John!

      I’m especially grateful for your expanded thoughts on the section of Matthew 25. I have always felt “stumped” by the account of that particular servant. I have read and re-read it so many times, not to mention multiple sermons on it. I’d just finally settled with the attitude that when God wanted me to get it, I’d get it.

      “He ended up there because that’s where he always believed he was.”
      This one short sentence speaks volumes!
      (It also takes me back to Carole’s contribution “Perspective is Everything”).


    • Susan

      Really good word John. I’d never seen the parable of the one talent servant that way but of course!

    • Pauline

      I can’t believe that God showed you where I’ve been living for a season. Justifications are no substitute for Divine purpose.
      Thank you, John, for calling this sin what it really is — I was blind (and foolishly thought that God wouldn’t notice, either). With repentance from His Spirit, I am choosing to see my glass half full and, by His power (impossible in the flesh for this): to “Shine,” as Jennifer has shared as our calling.
      So thankful He used you to show me a way out of this darkness by first acknowledging it–a ‘good’ pain. “Getting to know Jesus” is putting it mildly; NEEDING to know Him, fits me better.
      Bless you, John — “Mercies new every day!” – love Him for that!

      • Alex

        Right there with you, Pauline! Thanks for verbalizing my own struggle and now strategy: choosing gratitude and joy not just daily but minute by minute!

    • Christine

      How can I witness Jesus in every day every circumstance?

    • Christine

      Really? Life is about witnessing Jesus in every day every circumstance?

      I am one who hates living life.
      It’s hard, I know because of sin.
      It’s hard for me because of past childhood abuse.
      I know He lead me here .

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