The Gospels, Christ Lived Through Man

The Gospels were each written by men, while still being fully God. John 1 says, “In the beginning [before all-time] was the Word (Christ), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God Himself.” Yes, the Word was made flesh in the body of Christ, but also made evident through the writings of these men. These writers touched and received every bit of those living Divine Words, while being still Christ THE Word. Imagine, fully Christ yet completely through man. This is the Great Exchange! This is the reality we are all intended to live. While every step of our lives is live through us, and we feel every aspect of it, it is intended to be ALL Him in me rather than coming from me. I am a witness, not an originator of Life.

An Object Lesson in The Gospels

An Object Lesson in The Gospels
I think the Spirit gave me this example of the Gospels as an object lesson. Its pictured in each of the books of the Bible, but for this post I want to focus on Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. While each of these books are the inerrant Living Word of God, each nonetheless maintains the individual expression and personality of the writer. These Gospels came through men, and these men’s individuality can be seen as clearly as the men themselves. While being ALL Christ, it still reflects the personhood of the men. You are seeing the Life of Christ through the eyes of these witnesses. WOW!

This is a paradox extraordinaire, but it is also a major clue into how our lives can be, as I like to say, “Christ’s life as my life is His life in my life, and that’s not my life as His life, it’s HIM.” I am so excited about this revelation because it is illuminating and empowering! It is liberty from having to try and perform and the freedom to witness the very Life of Christ.

Christ Lives Through Me

The Father designed me with an individual personhood, which He has matched to His plan and purpose for my life. But I can thwart this if I hold myself to old opinions of myself. In fact I can derail the reality of the true me in Him. Weird, huh?! The truth is, I am who Christ says I am and as a truly born-again child of God my life is now His Life. Like the example of the Gospels, I am not lost in His expressed Life through me. It is me, while still being Him.

For instance, the Book of John is ALL God, expressed totally through John. John the person is visible, while God’s revelation is not obscured. This is the way it is in me. His Life can be my living expression, while still being me. Now I am not saying that my life is infallible like the Gospels, but I am saying my life can be all Him. I have the choice, and here is a clue, I must leave my opinions of myself.

Facing My Opinions

Facing My Opinions
of self are mere labels which confine. Think about the child who is called stupid. That opinion and label can be crushing. Look at the young Albert Einstein who didn’t speak fluently until he was nine-years-old. This caused his teachers to think he was slow, and label him as such. Imagine, labeling Einstein as slow? These teachers had their opinions of reality which were completely counter to the actual reality. If Albert wasn’t such a rebel, those opinions could have been a limiting force in his life. In the same way, when we hold ourselves to the standard of our “old nature,” we limit our potential for His genius. Christ’s Life as my life allows me to witness His very Life in me. I am not expected to produce or perform Life, I am called to observe His Life as He lives it through me. Isn’t that fascinating?

Oh how I have bound His living flow through me by holding myself to the standard of a man who is now dead. My old nature is gone and dead, so why would I still put faith in him? I shouldn’t, and neither should you! I desire with all my being to live as a witness and observer of the Heavenly Life of Christ. Watching Him and learning who He is, up close and personal, in my very own body. This is the mystery of the Gospel—Christ in me the hope of Glory.

Christ in ME

God wanted to make known among the Gentiles the glorious wealth of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.
Colossians 1:27 HCSB

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    • Helen

      His Story is embedded in our being, told in our living. If I have an opinion of me, other than God’s, I will put my hands to the clay, & I am no Potter! He likes what He makes; He loves Who He is, in you! Isn’t it the great variety of stories…real men & women, with ordinary lives…Christ shinning through, riveting us to Himself as The Story in each one?! God’s Word comes in the context of life, bringing Life! Fishermen, farmers, learners & leaner’s, & in the context of life a moment is made where darkness is penetrated & Light shines & Love melts & His Spirit moves upon the hearts of men. It’s men He’s after, so He sends His fishermen & farmers & builders. He sends the one He shaped on His Potter’s wheel. Obscure vessels, Magnificent God! What a combination for knowing Him!

      • That is beautifully stated Helen! Thank you so much! I am no potter either…hehehe. Loving you as a fellow lump of clay with a magnificent Potter who’s form us. ?

    • Deborah

      Wow..that was deep! It reminded me of the many characters and how Jesus relates to them in the episodes of The Chosen. Have you seen the movies The Chosen? You can get the app on Google Play and right now the series is free. There are 8 episodes. Think of it as a novel and the story of Jesus and those around Him. There are “what if” moments that are thrilling and draw you in to the story of the gospels. I have found them refreshing and I see the humanity of Jesus and those He first chose. It’s an awesome experience.

      • I am actually very familiar with The Chosen and what you have said is completely true. I love the realism and how they bring out the reality of how humanity reacts to the Living Gospel. I actually invested in the project to see it come through. Season two is coming soon and I can’t wait. Thank you for mentioning it Deborah, I too highly recommend it. Thank you for your comment and encouragement! Blessing you richly!

        • Deborah

          I invested in it too! I can hardly wait for season two. It is filmed right here in Texas! I am so glad you liked it. The interplay between Matthew and the Romans is both humorous and biting at the same time. It will be interesting to see who declares at the end..”Surely this was the Son of God.” One of them will surely be there.

          I am sure we will all be grieved at the cross for many reasons. We will feel it keenly as these characters we have come to know scatter and our dear Jesus is left to walk alone. So moving…This is the most relatable Jesus actor I have ever seen.

          The Holy Spirit is moving and blessing their efforts. It is an honor to be a part of it!

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