Going Rigid in Trauma

Going Rigid in Trauma

On Friday, I discussed the effects of abuse and trauma on the physical body. Today I want to go into my resistance to trauma. When I go to strength in response to my trauma rather than entering weakness with God, I can reap negative effects. Some of these effects could be: irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, PTSD, and the like. Now, I am not saying that always, in every case, these illnesses are from resistance. But I am saying that in my life, I’ve seen it as the effects of my resistance rather than being yielded to God. In this post I want to explore the connection of just that.

Trauma from Resistance

Trauma from Resistance
As I continue to read this book, I’m wondering how many of our wounds and physical maladies are actually from resistance to, rather than the infliction of, our traumas. When I become rigid, I am more prone to break than prevent injury. Think about a fall. When I fall forward and stiffen my arms to brace myself, I can more easily break my arms rather than limit the damage. If I just fell without stiffening, often the injury would be lessened. But which one of us doesn’t enter into self-preserving mode? It’s natural! Yet in trauma, when I yield to God’s sovereign hand, there’s a grace that enters in.

Is it possible to go through traumatic situations with God? Can God lead you through awful? I believe the answer is yes. This doesn’t mean that events will be painless; I just believe our resistance makes things worse.

God built this world and life so we’d be dependent on Him to make it through. We just need Him and can’t make it without Him. Our resistance to Him, His story, His life for me, makes for our wounding and injury.

Trauma from the Deep Hole of Resistance

Trauma from Resistance
I am no psychology major nor do I have a degree in psychiatry, I’m just saying when I have resisted things in my life, I’ve sustained greater damage. When I resisted His choices, it was like falling down a deep hole with branches along the sides smashing into my body. When I have resisted my life, I’ve been battered. When I brace against His choices for me, I break!

It’s just a question: How many of our physical ailments are from our resistance to God? Can we go through a traumatic situation and be intact? What is the difference between those who are shattered by crisis and those who emerge whole? Is it just surrender to His sovereign Lordship versus resistance to the situation?

They continued stoning Stephen as he called on the Lord and said, “Lord Jesus, receive and accept and welcome my spirit!” Then falling on his knees [in worship], he cried out loudly, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them [do not charge them]!” When he had said this, he fell asleep [in death].
Acts 7:59-60 AMP

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    • Sue

      My spirit is bearing witness to these blogs and yet this is new concept for the LORD to reveal its truth in my life and resistance to HIM. May I sick with this and learn from these evident truths that you’ve shared. Bless you John

    • Sue

      OOPS I meant to spell “stick” with this concept.

      • Sam


    • Susan

      Is it our belief system… As Martha has taught… is God really good? All the time? I often ask Him, ‘what are you wanting to teach me?’. Do tell John.

    • Sam

      As Susan said… “is God really good?”
      That’s the bottom line.

      It must be very interesting that book, John, and these thoughts you are sharing are so inspiring…

      We know that body responds to agressions. It defends itself continually. But thing is, how do you defend yourself from you? How does our body respond to our own violence against it? Many illnesses are the expression of our own need to be defeated! Our body is also affected by our needs and fears, by what we think and do with our thinkings. And, definitely, by our resistance to the light that God sheds on us.

      That’s why there is such a God-liberator: because He is our fear and the supplier of our needs. It is a kind of shift from this to that.


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