God’s Sovereignty Remains Unchanged

God's Sovereignty Remains Unchanged

The following is an excerpt from Martha’s booklet, God’s Sovereignty. We needed to schedule this post yesterday, before any election results were known. And since all of us were still basking in the peace that comes with the knowledge of God’s absolute sovereignty, we decided to stay with that subject for at least one more day. God is GOD and there is no other!

What does sovereign mean? Sovereign means greatest, highest authority and power. No one is above God.

God is the Supreme Ruler. The Absolute Monarch over not merely the world but the universe. Scripture shows He is the ultimate Ruler behind every ruler, the King above all kings.

Sovereignty is a matter of FAITH, not sight!

Sovereignty is a matter of FAITH, not sight!
When I look out in the world and at life, I seem to see various powers at work. Satan has power. Man seems to have power to hurt me and harm me. And if I look at the world, I will never resolve whether God is God. But when I look in the scriptures, there is no shadow over that subject. The Scripture teaches that God is SOVEREIGN.

If Satan was defeated at the cross, why didn’t God kill him then? Have you ever wondered?

God is using Satan to teach us to overcome and conquer.

That’s only a small part that we can understand about the presence of evil. The rest of it is a mystery that will be known only in the next life. We are ever bewildered at the power of evil and tragedies of life. However, we must not draw the conclusion that God is not in control.

God's Sovereignty
God is GOD! Nobody has ever removed Him from the throne! We are down here in a tremendous school, the objective of which is to teach us to love God; then to love man; and then to rule over Satan.

But our response to life when things happen to us – suffering from the hands of man or from the hands of Satan – our deep subconscious reaction is to believe that God is not really God and God is surely not good. Whatever our pain in life, no matter what our disappointments are, we will ultimately hold it against God in deepest resentment.

You will never believe or trust a God who is not powerful. You could not trust such a God. You won’t believe Him. Our God is not only powerful, He is the Only Power.

You will never love a God that you believe in any measure is not good and has not been good to you. You won’t love Him. Our God is not only good, He is the Only Good.

And you won’t trust a God that you don’t believe is bigger than Satan and man and…you!

Copyright © 1986, 2009 Martha Kilpatrick

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    • Loretta Grizzle

      Thank you for this. What an encouragement!

    • LeAnn

      This is a timely reminder–grateful and full of joy to have a Sovereign Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

    • Nancy

      Thank you for today’s posting and yesterdays, very timely!!

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