God’s Pursuit: He’ll Do What It Takes

God’s Pursuit: He'll Do What It Takes

I can never underestimate the lengths to which God will go in assisting me to know Him. His reach and pursuit is often shocking. He maneuvers and orchestrates situations so that He may be revealed. Our God wants to be known, and He is able to work situations together so that we can see Him. This is the intensity of His love and passion for us to know Him, and the extent of His desire to be known by us.

God’s Pursuit of Me

God's Pursuit of Me
Over and over I’ve seen Him orchestrate events so that there is nothing but God. And most of these happenings would not appear to be pleasant at first glance. I’ve always hoped for a Candy Land™ journey with gumdrop oppositions. Yet unicorns and leprechauns are not what I have found. The testing of my faith has come through deep trials and with poignant crucibles. I have found that the road to knowing God is fraught with challenges more than comfort.

I say this with all sincerity, not cynicism. And while I believe this to be true, I don’t believe that God has malintent, or that He places us in undo hardship. It just seems that we learn our lessons best through adversity rather than prosperity.

This post isn’t an analysis of the “why” we might learn better through our crucibles. That’s another post for another day. This is about the greatness of our Father’s desire to be known. I am proclaiming that the God I have met over and over is so desirous to be known that He will do what it takes to reveal Himself. His passionate pursuit is huge and most often that burning desire sears my flesh. God is a consuming fire, which engulfs all that is not Him.

God’s Pursuit – How Far Will God Go?

God's Pursuit – How Far Will God Go?
How far will our God go to make Himself known and to love us? Well, He’ll do whatever it takes even to the point of crucifying His own Son. Pretty extreme, huh?! He created our world for His purpose and plan. Though we “Adams and Eves” chose a different knowledge in the Garden, our DNA vibrates toward Another knowing. Even while resisting, God will make Himself known to His chosen.

Today my God is revealing Himself to me in yet another trial. Though I am not at liberty to share the details right now, it is clear to me that it is Jesus who is revealing Himself, opening my eyes to a greater seeing of Him. Though it’s not pain-free, it is promised. I love Him for His willingness to do what it takes. If you too are in a crucible, know it is for greater vision and increased knowledge of your Lord. As I showed in past posts, the Hebrew word for know is yadah which means “experiential, increasingly deep intimacy.” It is bridal knowing. My highest prayer for everyone in these days is that you would knowyadah – the Lord your God in an ever increasing way. Through the tests and trials, may you see Him who has redeemed you and purchased your ability to KNOW Him.

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    • Lt

      Thank you John. Bless you

    • Corban Cofer

      Thank you John. May our Father continue to use All Things to transform us!

    • jp

      Thanks John
      For hearing and sharing His heart

    • Douglas

      John, thank you for bringing this Reality, to know Him in the midst of trial. Your thoughts and heart, here and in recent podcast (#518, Job) are so appreciated.

    • Susan

      This is late… but thank and bless you John for sharing your walk and the refiners fire work in you. It’s just an answer to our hearts cry isnt it?

    • Alex

      “Purchased my ability”. Wow! I’ve considered that He purchased me, and that He bought my reason to know Him. Not my actual ability. What good news! He’s done it all. More reason to “rest”, and “let”.
      Thanks, John! Loving you!

      • shulamite

        All or nothing proposition…which is such amazing news. Our work is only to believe John 6:29. It is tremendous. And yes Let and Rest. Love you Alex! Thanks for commenting.

    • Bruce Fivson

      So true! God is faithfully and graciously revealing to us His great love and affection!

    • Margaret

      I was reading something last night that brings perspective to the conflict between God’s will and that of the individual related to the aversion to following a difficult path to God’s presence. It is from a translation of St. John of the Cross’s Dark Night of the Soul.

      “These, also, are full of disgust and weariness when they are bidden to do that for which they have no relish. And in as much as they follow after the gratification and savor of the spirit, like those brought up in luxury, they fly with gloom from everything harsh, being too weak to bear the strenuous discipline and labor of perfection, and take offense at the Cross wherein are ciphersed the delights of the spirit; and the more spiritual these things are, the greater weariness they feel. For, as they claim to proceed in spiritual things with full Liberty, and as their will dictates, it fills them with invincible sadness and repugnant to enter upon the narrow road, which Christ calls that of Life.”

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