God Owes Me Nothing

God Owes Me Nothing

God doesn’t have to do anything for me but He wants to do everything for me. What amazing grace that though God owes me nothing, He wants to be everything I need. In my lifetime, I’ve looked here and there for things to replace Him, but He has never ceased to position Himself as my only Solution, my only Answer, and the fulfillment of my ultimate desire.

God Owes Me Nothing in This Life

God Owes Me Nothing in This Life
I’m ever learning my position and His. Though God owes me nothing, He has everything and wants badly to give. I’ve struggled most of my life to be self-sufficient. But the reality is that my attempts have been futile, failing, and laughable. Not that God is laughing at me, but as I struggle and strain, all creation has witnessed my futility. I was designed by God to be utterly dependent. I never was created to be self-sufficient – that would make me autonomous of God, and that was never the plan. I am His and reliant on His every move in my life.

This spooks some folks. After all, that’s way too much power and control, right? But the reality is this: He is everything—period! God owes me nothing but desires to be everything I would ever need. Does this mean I live in a God/me bubble? No, as Creator of everything that exists, He has access to everything that exists. Everything is His and He shares liberally. I don’t have to be sequestered in a God-shaped clean room for Him to be everything for me. “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein” (Psalm 24:1 KJV).

Believing God Owes Me Nothing

Believing God Owes Me Nothing
I have, at times, believed God was miserly. That He withheld and gingerly doled out. But though God owes me nothing, He is not stingy. His supply is unmatched by any rival. This doesn’t mean I have everything I want but I have just what I need. I’ve had lean years as well as years of surplus, but I’ve never gone without. I have been supplied amply.

So what make us wince at the thought of God being our everything? Why do we shrink back from asking Him? It is an old lie, one of the first we believed. Yes, that parasitic conversation Eve had with the serpent still rings in our heads and hearts today. This is why the faith I discussed in my last few posts is so important. That insistent, faith-filled prayer is our leap from an ingrained accusation of God into His loving arms.

All is His and He is ALL: my life is sustained, maintained and lived out in Him. And though the lie says He is weary of my approach, the truth is the opposite. God owes me nothing but still He desires to be my everything, now and for always!

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    • Sam

      Oh… amen John! If would just embraze the reality of His fatherhood!

      If this Father wanted to be a Husband of “His chosen people” (the hebrews)… how much more shall it be His desire now with those found in the Son of His Love, cleansed and renewed by this Priest of Conciliation??

      His desire, passion and contentment is 1 million times greater —if that would be possible— than before. Whereas before there was no hope of loyalty on our part, now He is more than confident of His long-seeked Union with “us” through Jesus.

      Jesus now is the sure loyalty, the unbreakable bond. That’s a great hope for us to clean and comfort ourselves in Him from all kind of old lies, day after day!

    • Paul

      Your opening statement says it all; and what wonderful food for the soul! “God doesn’t have to do anything for me but He wants to do everything for me”.

      Thank you John, for this blessed reminder!

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