Our God is Always Faithful – Are We?

Our God is Always Faithful – Are We?

On my way to swim today, I saw a sign on a church’s marquee. It read, “Our God is Always Faithful – Are We?” Everything in my body erupted with a resounding, “Nooo! That’s the point.” Now, I have no idea what message this pastor will deliver in connection to this marquee. It might be spot on. But probably for most of the passersby it would resonate with this message: “Buck up, buddy, do your part!” This is deflating and defeating. We can’t, and that is the entire point of this life!

God is Always Faithful - Are We?God is Always Faithful

I would love to tell you that I, in myself, am a shining beacon of faithfulness. After all, look at all that God has done for me. Shouldn’t I be able to at least devote myself totally by towing the line and keeping my end of the deal? Yes, in a land of unicorns and rainbows, I am a stellar example of how a Christian must behave. But I don’t live in that Lucky Charms place. I live in a fallen world exacerbated by trying. I live on a planet where we are utterly dependent, rather than dependable. This is the land where we epically fail apart from God. Surprise!

But this is the best news ever. This is the most exciting reality. We are completely reliant on Another to enact His own requirements of our lives. We have been let off the hook to perform, while being completely responsible to choose His performance. What’s the answer when the marquee asks, “Our God is Always Faithful – Are We?” Emphatically, no! And why? God IS faithful and we AREN’T, but He IS our faithfulness! This is the exact point of our entire lives. And those who get it, rejoice.

Thank God, God is ALWAYS Faithful

Thank God, God is ALWAYS Faithful
Jesus Christ made this marquee possible. Not through effort and trying but by His life and performance. This marquee could read, “God IS always faithful. Thank God He lives His faithfulness out through us!” This is the best news ever. Our fear of failure and rejection is solved by His very own life. Not as an appeasing addendum but as an utter replacement. His life as my life is a reality. We died in His crucifixion and He, not me, was resurrected. This was the intended exchange.

Our God is always faithful — are we? Yes, we are more than conquerors IN Christ. He is my life, my faithfulness, and my ever-faithful God!

If we are faithless, He remains faithful — for He cannot deny Himself.
2 Timothy 2:13 ESV

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    • Alex

      Oh, thank you for this! It’s sweet relief this morning, and a needed reminder! Why do I always forget to stop trying and start thanking?
      I’m so glad you read the sign!

      • shulamite

        I am too, it was a great reminder. I never want to forget that it isn’t mine to perform this life, mine is only to receive. Love you Alex!

    • Marsela

      If we learn anything from the Old Testament is this, they were not faithful, they could not do it, it was not in them, and it’s not in us either.
      The Lord made sure that Peter learned that…and He does the same with us.

      I’m reminded of the Lord’s message to the church in Smyrna. These saints were being persecuted, they were poor, maybe due to the persecution, maybe they were striped of the life necessities, due to their stand for the Lord’s name, and they were about to experience more tribulation. What did the Lord say, ” Be faithful unto death”. Before we puff up in our flesh, that’s what it is, till death…
      The Lord didn’t mean gather yourself up and go through it, He didn’t advise them, gird up your loins and be determined to see this business through.
      No, He simply said trust Me, let Me be your courage, I was dead and I’m alive again, I have gone through this, there is no depth I have not fathomed, and no darkness that I have not penetrated. Be faithful, believe still, live in the great assurance, don’t doubt Me, depend on Me.
      The faithfulness of the saints is the assurance of the faithfulness of Jesus.

      • shulamite

        Thank you Marsela! Beautiful as always.

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