God Orders Our Diet Even the Food We Eat

God Orders Even the Food We Eat

Over my life as a Christian, I have seen the Lord take in hand my food intake—what I eat and even when. It seems odd to some but if the Lord is Lord over our life, wouldn’t that include even the food we eat and put in our mouths? This may seem like a bridge too far but I’ll share with you the fruit of letting Him be Lord over my diet.

God's Diet: The Food We Eat
There are two specific seasons in my life when the Lord invoked His right to determine what I ate, and I will show how it benefited me. Again, this may seem invasive to some of you. I mean, if Jesus tells me how my life is to be lived, isn’t that enough? Well, apparently not. But believe me, this post is not a restrictive one, it is one of liberation.

God’s Diet: The Food We Eat

When I go out to eat, I usually inquire of the Spirit what I am to order. It isn’t a weird stressful thing, I just let Him guide me to the items I am to eat. Martha can attest to the fruit of this practice in my life. My food is always better and more satisfying when He chooses for me. I don’t go in saying, “I feel like I want…” I go in asking and listening, inquiring rather than decide. And it functions quite naturally. Externally you may not even know that this is what I am doing. The Lord has yet to let me down in this, but when I choose, it inevitably leads to lackluster results if not disaster.

The Lord is the Lord of my ordering. But it has gone far beyond that. In 2008 I had a severe health crisis. Martha and I were in California for her to speak to a conference of worship leaders. During this visit, I lost feeling in three quarters of my body. Both legs and left arm went numb. It was one of the scariest things I have gone through. To wake up and not feel your body makes the mind run to all extremes. Stroke, cancer, heart attack… I didn’t know what was happening. And long story short, the Lord led Martha and I to continue on with the conference as if nothing was wrong. No visits to the hospital, just the Spirit’s leading forward.

the Food I Eat

My Diet and the Food We Eat
How this relates to food is that the Lord intensely impressed on me that I was to radically change my diet and immediately. From the moment this happened I stopped eating anything but basically meat and greens. No sugars, no processed foods, no root vegetables – just leafy greens and meat. It was super restrictive but I knew without any doubt that this was what I was to do and I did it.

I don’t know how long the numbness lasted but it was for quite a while. It isn’t like I ate a salad and everything was normal. It was an extreme commitment to follow the Spirit in my diet. What I have since learned is that this is precisely the diet that a holistic doctor would have put me on. It deals especially with inflammation in the body and nervous system. Wow, God knew, imagine that! While I say that with tongue in cheek, it always amazes me just how perfectly the Lord addresses the bodies He Himself created. And all we have to do is listen.

In my next post I will share the second season of the Lord directing my diet as the One who knows my body.

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    • Celia

      Wow! That is a great idea and impressive that you could eat that way for a good while. I imagine that strengthened your giving thanks in all things, meal after meal! Thank you for this testimony of seeking the Lord in all areas, and being obedient to gain physical healing.

      • It was a wonderful journey Celia. I have never had His leading not be a adventure. Blessing you BIG!

    • tammy

      He is so faithful. We need but to listen and obey. There is no “ bridge too far” when it comes to our sanctification.

      “as obedient children, not conforming yourselves to the former lusts, as in your ignorance;
      but as He who called is holy, you also be holy in ALL your conduct,”
      1 Peter 1:14-15 (emphases mine)

      Thank you for this John. Some may see it as silly or going too far but it gives me joy to know I am in good company. I get lots of teasing and cajoling (most in fun) about asking Him to guide me in the every day things.

      Lord, what should I pray/wear/eat/say or not say/do today? I pray that He who dwells within will keep me constantly informed and provide what it takes to be obedient.


      • I have never known Him not being just that involved. I knew you were a sweet kindred in this. Love you Tammy!

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