Gift of Need


“A man can receive nothing
[he can claim nothing, he can take unto himself nothing]
except as it has been granted to him from heaven.
[A man must be content to receive the gift which is given him
from heaven; there is no other source.]”
John 3:27 Amplified

Oh Lord Jesus, here is the “rub” as Shakespeare would say. A man must be content to receive the gift which is given him from heaven; there is no other source. No other sourceyikes!  There is obviously a qualifier here.

God’s Gift of Need and No Other

God's Gift of need and No Other
I’ve tried to take care of myself most of my life.  In healing, spiritual hunger, sin management, work performanceI wish the line stopped there. But if there’s no other source, what was it that I was amassing?  Simply a path to hell!

Only humility needs and waits for God to supply His gift of need. Only humility receives no more than what is given from heaven. So this must mean that all my attempts to heal illness with “good idea concoctions” was pride. All my pushing ahead to just get the job done, even when I had no grace, was pride.   Does this mean I take no more vitamins, see no doctor and lay back and wait for God to do my job? Yes and no. I must lean on Him to be my source and the one Who directs all my supply. This means His choosing, whatever that looks like.

Receiving the Gif of Need

Receiving the Gif of Need
God has a present for us, one most don’t want to open.  Any who refuse the gift of need, stand arrogantly against a merciful God who has created us with it. Inadequacy is the core of our humanity. Raw, unrelenting need and an absolute necessity to be sustained is in us all. Our requirements all equal our potential and capacity. GOD has not only given to us a measure of need but also the capacity for fulfillment.

The greater our need, the greater our capacity to display the light of His fulfillment. We have been created to be a vessel of the eternal. I am a thief if I attempt to be God and take care of myself out of my soul’s supply.  I steal from God who yearns to supply. It is His rightful place to function as my Father.  I also rob others from seeing God working in my life as my Provider. And I deprive myself of experiencing God moving in minor and miraculous ways to be Source.

A simple vessel is what we are. When we refuse to be that vessel, empty and void bar His appearing, we delude ourselves. The consequence of refusing to be needy and dependent is immense.  The result is standing proud in the middle of your piles of self, left without the God who is our only hope for satisfaction.

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    • Sam

      So radical and true. Thank you again, John.

    • Angela Wade

      Amen. I NEED Him, and am alone and nothing without Him. No wonder Paul yearned to be weak so that only Jesus’ power can rest on him/us.
      He creates the need so He can fill it….my heart mlts at the thought.

    • pearl

      So I guesss it’s humility and takes humility to be dependent on God… it says to humble ourselves…in 1 Peter 5:6,7 cause God opposes our pride and its truth to admit when we can’t do it…then he gives His grace to that place where I admit my weakness…and He fills that place then.The most basic quality of true humility is the knowledge of our dependence on God, and only true humility will keep us in the grace of Goed, which gives us His strength then to accomplish His will….Makes me want to humble myself even more…to recieve his great grace! Amen to His supply and my weakness…so He can be strong!!

    • Andrea

      the gift of need ……
      these words deserve much deep slow pondering …..
      thank you …….

    • Pauline

      A little child…with a big Abba

    • Barb

      I think I have to read this specific post 10 more times.

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