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So here we come full circle. I diligently sought silence in order to enter into fellowship with God but what found me was Rest.  Life is about relationship.  Isolating single attributes of the spiritual walk is not relational nor is it the actual Life. You might have the form but unless there is Christ you have nothing but a facsimile.

They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly.
2 Timothy 3:5

I can amass all the habits of a spiritual life but without being in the Source of Life, I’ll be left with only pattern.  I was seeking elements of the life thinking it would bring me to Him, but no, Life had to come and get me.  Jesus had to come and show me that silence is Him, rest is Him, peace is Him.

We don’t create silence, silence is a Person.
We don’t enter rest, rest is a Person.
We don’t get peace, peace is a Person.

Let us therefore give diligence to enter into that rest,
that no man fall after the same example of disobedience.
Hebrews 4:11

I learned when the Bible says “enter into the rest,” I am not entering a place apart from Christ.  Rest is not a response to life I develop but a faith I believe. I always thought rest was an obedience I had to achieve but REST is not. Rest is entering HIS LIFE. His Life rests.

True characteristics of the godly life are found in the Life itself not outside of it.  I can’t dictate silence, I get into Him who is silence. I can’t possess peace, I get into Him who is Peace.  I can’t attain rest, I get into Him who is Rest.

So God used my goal of silence to lead me to the One who is silence.  The journey was not in vain.  God used it as a tremendous motivator and defeating agent to guide me. My wandering in the wilderness of exertion led me to exhaustion and the need of a Life outside of myself.

I am so pleased to tell you that Christ’s life in our new creation is the only hope of Godliness. All the fruits of the Spirit are the life of Christ.  I don’t have to climb an awful Mt. Everest of human effort to obtain what is mine through faith.

Rest is not something I get, not something I enter, not something I possess, REST is Christ. And a “quiet time” is simply entering His life not making things still and silent.

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    • sue

      Holy Spirit led me to come back to this post. I need HIS LIFE outside of myself. Loved this, ” I don’t have to climb an awful Mt. Everest of human effort to obtain what is mine through Faith” An in Martha’s devotion today “I have the faith of Christ living in me “… you both have said in our “new creation”. I am desperate for HIS Rest to abide in me.
      Bless you John for this writing and this beautiful web-site, a banquet set before me.

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