Focusing on Jesus or the Enemy

Focusing on Jesus or the Enemy

I have always been taught that our focus has to be the Lord not the devil. So often we are tempted to fixate on the works of the devil. He is so loud in his boast. If anyone has a megaphone it is our adversary! He speaks so loudly as if he is the only voice but this is not the case. Our listening or focus on him only derails our path, it doesn’t prevent us toppling over. 

Here is the enemies hope and tactic, keeping our eyes on him and off the Lord. How crafty is this strategy. Divergence rather than focus. Just keep our eyes and focus occupied on something other the Lord so we remain unintentional. Again this is about remaining in the moment. The enemy rarely, if ever, directs us to stay present. In the present we can access Jesus in our moment. It is in the past and future the devil wants is too dwell. 

Gaining my Focus

Gaining my Focus
What we focus on is what we give power over our lives. What we focus on is ultimately what we love. Our heart follows our focus so now you can see why he demands so vehemently our attention. He is like a petulant child screaming for his own way. And like a bratty child he can not be given way without ruling the roost. 

I have never abandoned my focus to the enemy without being trashed. He is after all the liar, the thief and the murderer. The devil can not do otherwise. He produces the fruit of his rebellious tree and if I give him my gaze I will ingest all its poisonous fruit. 

All I have is the choice of my focus. I can only do this in my moment.  I can’t choose the view of my past and my future gaze will be decided at another time. Right now I have the power of choice to guide the direction of my focus. For Christ or my adversary. One direction is towards Life and Truth, the other is aimed at death and destruction. Every moment presents me the choice of either life or death—gaze and focus on the Lord of my salvation or the one who wants to destroy my destiny. This day I choose the one who paid my price and holds my eternal future.

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    • Helen

      We can ‘surrender’, (not to God), to the situation, while still trying to be the solution. To LET, is not to put up with the problem, it is to be seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus; to recognize HE IS. We’re not still walking around the problem, our mind on explanations…to say ‘I can’t do anything about it’, while trying to find something to do about it. To take on entanglements feeds the problem. These are the places our heart holds to Him. Self-protection isn’t God’s protection. Our gaze is our intention without another glance; our gaze is our worship. These times require the walk He is giving us. Faith! We enter His heart interest, which is more than our local problem. He shocks me with what He doesn’t want me to consider. He wraps me in Himself. Only Reality is enough for NOW.
      “–and has lifted us right out of the old life to take our place with him in Christ in the heavens.” (Eph.2:6b Phillips) HE is our GOD!

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