Fear is the Enemy of Health and Faith

Fear is the Enemy of Health and Faith

It is impossible to please God without faith (see Hebrews 11:6). And conversely, it is impossible to please God while dwelling in fear. If the enemy can get us out of faith and into fear we become displeasing to our Father. Nothing infuriated Jesus more in His disciples than fear. Ambition wasn’t a problem, vengeance wasn’t an issue, but fear was intolerable.

Knowing this fact, can you see how the campaign of fear being perpetrated on us is so destructive? Literally, it is a temptation to leave our connection and pleasure in God. I don’t know if this is the case in your life, but in mine there has been an assault on my faith in every arena of life.

You were doing so well. Who stopped you from being influenced by the Truth? The arguments of the person who is influencing you do not come from the One who is calling you.
Galatians 5:7-8 GW

Who is Winning? Faith or Fear

Who is Winning? Faith or Fear
I was in the post office the other day and a postal worker and I spoke on this very subject. He said, “If you had told me a year ago that what we’re witnessing would be happening, I would have said, NO WAY!” I responded, “Isn’t it interesting that in a “global pandemic,” when we need our immunity more than ever, we are daily given a stressor that completely compromises our immune system.” Just Wow!

Almost daily many of us seem to be waking up in and under the influence of tension. It is like someone has turned up the heat to test our peace and faith. And if you believe what I have written in my book on sovereignty, that someone is God. Not that He sows evil, but He certainly is not averse to using it for His good pleasure.

If each of us are in a test of our faith and in who we will believe, don’t you think it is a good time to win?! I want to pass this test of faith. My desire is to gain from this years crisis with more of the Kingdom not less. I want to leave 2020 as victor not a victim. And how I do this is not by avoiding fearful situations by burying my head in the sand, rather it is achieved by fighting the fear with faith.

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    • sue

      Oh what a word of challenging encouragement to awaken to this last day of November.2020. Thank you John, I choose to leave 2020 as a victor with as much of Christ life in my life as I can contain!!!!!

      • And your choice will be honored by the One who makes us victors in His amazing grace. A trophy of grace is what Jesus is making us. Love you Sue! Thank you for choosing well!

    • Oh my gosh John I love your quote, “I want to leave 2020 as a victor not a victim. . . “ Can I quote you on Facebook?

      • Absolutely, have at it! Love you Carol!

        • Love you, too!

    • Helen

      Definitely a testing time. Isn’t He taking us to the bedrock of faith…trust & obey. What a way to put it, John, “to leave our connection & pleasure in God”. The stakes are too high, to miss Him. The enemy wants to steal by fear, our desire, passion & wonder, the heart of faith in Him. How Jesus delighted in faith everywhere we read in the Word…makes me want to join Him in His delight! Your book John, is a solid reminder not to fight what God is giving. Faith requires trial, it thrives there! When I’m unsettled, He says, “Rest”. That’s The hearing place. “Our faith rests in the power of God.” This is absolutely “a good time to win”! What an encouraging message! On target!

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