Fathomless Love

isn't he just precious

I’ve never understood the “how” of God’s command: “Love thy enemies.”  How can I possibly do that?  What does that love look like?  Then Martha was talking about contracts and expectations and the love that lets go, and I think I glimpsed what it means to love my enemies.

God loves us enough to let go.  He gave us free will, and God honors that, even if we choose hell over Him.  I struggle to comprehend the fathomless depth of His love, a love that let’s go without rancor.  He does not violate my will.  I really want the Love that loves to that degree.

I always thought that loving my enemies was finding some sort of gushy affection for them, and I just couldn’t get there.  But if the love that God requires is the love that lets go UTTERLY, well, that I can wrap my heart around.  I can’t hold onto my enemies in any way – no expectations, no bitterness, no unforgiveness, no vengeance, NOTHING.

To love your enemy is to completely let them go unto God.
It’s not some insipid “I love you, honey pie
(even though you told everyone I have cankles
and I’d like to put your face through a wall)!”

It’s the deepest part of love to open up your hand and say, “You’re free.  I forgive you and I give you to God.”  And that’s the only way I can be freed from my enemies, too.  My Creator knows that I require incentive and He gives it.  If I don’t forgive, then my enemy is a torment, living in my head rent-free.  So the command, “Love thy enemies,” is as much for me as it is for my enemy.  How perfect are the ways of my Father!

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