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I want to write today of a situation we recently encountered while traveling to a conference in New Mexico.  The reason I want to tell you about this situation is because of what it revealed of my heart.  If it was just my issue, I would simply deal with it before God, but I feel it is a little more prevalent than only me.

Martha, Carole and I were flying on standby tickets to Albuquerque.  When flying standby, there is always a stress of not getting on the flight.  I wish I could say that I approach these times like a man of faith, but I typically don’t.  I stare at the board like a gambler at the tracks waiting for the results to a photo-finish race. Delta’s all-important board reveals whether you have a seat or not.  If you are cleared, this magical board reveals your name and seat and invites you in.  If not, you have to wait until your name is rolled over to the next magical board for the following flight.  The whole process is adrenaline-pumping, to say the least.

Well, as a man of God, I have behind-the-scenes access through God’s voice.  While praying for a seat, God occasionally will let us in on the answer to our prayers. “Yes,” or “next flight” or something a little more vague.  Well, this flight was given to vagueness for revealing.  My heart was about to be exposed.

I asked Martha if she’d heard anything.  She said God told her “you will have what you need.”  Okay, so here is the exposing. “You will have what you need” opened the door for my fearful attitudes.  You see, in the past, I have believed what I need always translates to just enough to get by—and not only by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin, but also the most unappetizing alternative. Oops!

I have had a concept of God being more miserly than lavish.  I knew He would get me through but by covered wagon rather than by jet plane.  Oh, it is so insulting.  A repulsive and gross slight against not only His character but also the evidence I live in.

So I am really praising God that this old skeleton is being brought to the Light.  I want it completely eradicated! “You will have just what you need” is the perfect and best alternative, regardless of my understanding or awareness.  God is faithful to supply exactly what is needed to perform His will.  And beyond that, He is extremely lavish in His approach and provision for those who are in His will.

He is so perfect to bring about circumstance and situation to flawlessly accomplish His highest plans. He even will use six little words to shine a Light into an old dark corner of my heart, so He can live there as victorious and triumphant!

“You fathers—if your children askfor a fish, do you give them a snake instead? Or if they ask for an egg, do you give them a scorpion? Of course not! So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him.”
Luke 11:11-13 NLT

* On Thursday I will tell you the rest of the story.

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    • Irene

      Ah yes! The conflict arises in me when I think I know my needs better than The Father. Day by day I am learning to trust in, rely on and be confident in His love that sees beyond my immediate desires. Your post put me in remembrance of brother Squire Parson’s great song, “I’ve Got A Reservation”. That tune will keep your toes tapping throughout the day.

    • Susan

      I have struggled with the same concept of our Father John, miserly and not lavish. And I know better because that has not been His dealings with me. He takes good care of His children and often takes what looks like a bad situation and turns it for our good and His glory. He wants to bless us if we will only believe.

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