Why Must I Have Faith to Please God

Why Must I Have Faith to Please God

In my last post I spoke about our living in a sci-fi reality which turns out to be spiritual fact rather than fiction. We live in the Reality of an unseen realm. We’re called to suspend our earthly reason and logic to believe in something fantastical. And today I want to go into why this pleases God. Why does our God make our living reality something unseen rather than seen? And why is faith required to please God and nothing else?

The Faith to Please God

The Faith to Please God
Since the beginning faith has been required, so that we would believe that God is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. There has always been another realm that carries a greater weight than our temporal seen realm. Every man and woman of faith had to trust despite the evidence to the contrary. And this reality brings God pleasure.

It’s impossible to please God apart from faith. And why? Because anyone who wants to approach God must believe both that He exists and that He cares enough to respond to those who seek Him.
Hebrews 11:6 Phillips

Why? Why is this difficulty required to satisfy God and bring Him pleasure? Abraham had to stand on the brink of sacrificing his precious promised son, why? Why did God require the Hebrews to cast off all restraint and enter the desert, led by Moses, a mere man? Daniel stood in faith for that which he saw in heaven while everything opposed his stance. And the list goes on and on. Every man or woman of God followed in faith or they didn’t follow at all. They had to believe in another realm even as things on earth ran contrary to that belief. Quite frankly, if we can’t believe in the fantastical we will never believe there is a God at all.

Faith of a Child

Faith of a Child
It is impossible to please God without faith because faith is being a child. Only a child abandons all hope to embrace the mystery. Receiving the mystery is to choose God, His Life and His reality above this world. To put our trust in this world is to love this world. And to love this world is to reject God.

Every fiber of our bodies desires to know a mystery. We have to kill ourselves to resist this. And each of us is without excuse if we choose not to seek the mystery of God. We were undeniably knit to Him in reality. My form breathes in His DNA and is sustained by His every thought. My only leap is to believe, and this is done through faith.

While our shell of a world fervently attempts to persuade us of the truth of its importance, it is but a three-ring circus in a tent of delusion. Our True Reality is Christ—the only Reality which is true and eternal.

Faith Brings God Pleasure

Faith Brings God Pleasure
My faith brings the Father pleasure because it proves my preference. Do I value a tangible moment or an eternal mystery? Earthly circumstance only reveals my heart. It exposes me to me and faith chooses Him above situation. If I can believe by faith in the other world, in the heavens where I am seated, then I please God.

It is my greatest desire to make God smile. I know that His Son’s Life is the only acceptable life, and so I access His Life. And through faith in Christ that smile rests on me.

We have been made right with God because of our faith in Christ…
Galatians 2:16 NLV

And my present life is not that of the old “I”, but the living Christ within me. The bodily life I now live, I live believing in the Son of God, who loved me and sacrificed himself for me.
Galatians 2:21 Phillips


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    • William

      I really appreciate this article John. One thing I have been trying to do is to live more according to the unseen. I see the integral part faith plays in this!

      • shulamite

        Bless you William, so pleased it touched you. The unseen is true seeing, isn’t it?

    • Deborah

      I am finding more and more that the reality of the life to come where is my greatest hope. I read these scriptures as words that shine a light more on eternity.

      There is in the body lately a way of thinking that God has to do this or that because it is written, or we are to put God in remembrance of a promise…as if He can forget lol, or claim the promise…we have seen that before….God has to do this or that because His word says so….As well as the notion that we are living in the milliniaI kingdom now…I just gave a hard time swimming in these streams while all around me people are really suffering with illness at no fault of their own and prayers are left unanswered.

      Personally I live an Abigail life and it’s been that way for a long time…I am a covenant keeper…So I spend a lot of time in Practicing the Presence of God…praying in tongues and dreaming of the day I will be wed to my king. It is my only way to survive…if the mysterious drawing of my King were not the bigger reality I would have given up all hope…I have to live in this secret place with my eyes and ears open.

      • shulamite

        Thank you for commenting Deborah. I am terribly sorry the suffering of others and the unanswered prayers in your life has caused you to lose hope that you could experience God’s Life and glory Now! I praise God that your heart is to practice the presence and to live in praise and worship. Your bridal passion is a gift. I would like to share also with you my story of this passionate pursuit. If you would like to read mine, I just published my testimony on Kindle. It’s titled, Where are You, God?
        We Seek the God Who Wants to be Found.

        As I said in the comment to Ulrike, this booklet is my personal story, but it’s so much more than that. Where are You, God? doesn’t leave you thinking of my experience of God but my hope is that it gives you deeper thought of your own. Maybe it will shines some Light on your experience. Bless you Deborah.

    • Ulrike

      Hi, John!
      You mention the exchanged life or the Christ in you life according to Paul and A.T. Sparks’ books. You need the Father’s smile on you, which you only get, when He sees His Son in you, by faith. It sounds very good, and I have earnestly practiced this for years, but it was devastating, you end up in a split personality thinking, which was destroying my life! Eventually, I did not find God smiling at me at all, constantly being occupied with being crucified in order to please Him.
      You may answer me, the meaning is a union Life with Christ in me, but this did not work for me, now I’m recovering, rather ignoring myself and loving my God, looking to Him only and strangly enough I can see Him smiling at me! This life together with Him, apart from all this thinking in concepts and ideas, is so simple,liberating, full of peace, love and His presence, it is amazing!
      I hope this is helpful and not confusing!
      In Jesus’ overwhelming love, Ulrike

      • shulamite

        I am terribly sorry this has been your experience! If you would like to read mine, I just published my testimony on Kindle. It’s titled, Where are You, God?
        We Seek the God Who Wants to be Found.

        While this booklet is a personal story, it’s so much more than that. Where are You, God? doesn’t leave you thinking of another’s experience of God but gives you deeper thought of your own. I hope it shines some Light on your experience. Bless you Ulrike.

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