Expectations of Perfection

Expectations of Perfection

If this world has anything to prove to us through example, it is that perfection and being perfect is just not possible. My expectations of perfection, whether of myself or in others, are revealed as futile and rather foolish. Be it a perfect performance by me, people behaving perfectly, or living in a “perfect” world, my demands are dashed on the rocks of reality.

Perfection or the Perfect One

Perfection or the Perfect One
This world has not been perfect since the Garden of Eden. We left Perfection when we chose ourselves over the Perfect One, and now we live in an imperfect reality. Yet this usually doesn’t stop us from exercising our assumed right to expect perfection! That muscle seems to be highly developed and super strong.

Whether I’m on myself to do things perfectly or I’m expecting others to be perfect in some aspect, I am inevitably going to be let down. Our current world is a model of fallen imperfection. The result of the Fall is that things are now flawed by design. Go ahead, attempt to find perfection in nature and someone will show you its imperfection. The imperfection of our reality is displayed to us regularly.

Perfection in Christ

Perfection in Christ
For God made the only One who did not know sin to become sin for us, so that we who did not know righteousness might become the righteousness of God through our union with Him.
2 Corinthians 5:21 TPT

Nowhere in the Bible does it encourage us towards perfectionism. We are promised the imputed perfection of Christ and the perfection awaiting us in our hereafter. Both amazing gifts of God’s grace free us now from the bondage of looking for perfection in our lives or in the lives of others.

And I heard a thunderous voice from the throne, saying: “Look! God’s tabernacle is with human beings. And from now on He will tabernacle with them as their God. Now God Himself will have His home with them— ‘God-with-them’ will be their God! He will wipe away every tear from their eyes and eliminate death entirely. No one will mourn or weep any longer. The pain of wounds will no longer exist, for the old order has ceased.”
Revelation 21:3-4 TPT


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    • Alex

      This was important to me today. Thank you. Love that scripture!

      • Bless you Alex! So glad it resonated with you today! And yes that scripture is amazing!

    • Pauline

      Well, John, this may go contrary to your writing, but you have debunked this tendency I have — perfectly! I’m through trying.
      Love you, John.

    • tammy

      Could it be that ALL IS perfect because it is according to God’s Sovereign will and it’s our sinful nature trying to usurp His will (or be god) that causes us to see imperfections?

      • Wait until you read Monday’s post…? At one time they were one.
        Love you!

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