The Exchanged Life is Not a Passive Life

The Exchanged Life is Not a Passive Life

The exchanged life is not a passive life, on the contrary, it involves my active choice. My involvement through choice is paramount. I’m required, as the Word says, to take up my cross daily (Luke 9:23). This daily taking up is the choosing of His Life over my life, moment by moment, day by day. The exchanged Life is a union life, His Life chosen over my will and life. We do it together, He and I, as He lives through me. Simply amazing!

Choosing the Exchanged Life

Choosing the Exchanged Life
There is a huge reason why my active choice is required to experience His very Life? Because I am being trained for reigning and ruling not just living my life. Reigning is an active function, not passive. I don’t passively reign in a kingdom—I rule. This makes the whole thing so crucial! Imagine, this life is a boot camp to train me for an eternity to reign with Christ (2 Timothy 2:12). Letting Him live through me as me is my training for eternity as well as it makes this life heavenly rather than just going through the motions.

The term “Exchanged Life” is taken from Isaiah 40:31. English translations refer to those who wait on or hope in the Lord shall “renew” their strength. Many commentaries and study Bibles that deal with this verse say that the literal translation of the Hebrew word for “renew” is “exchange.” So it could read, those who wait on the Lord will exchange their strength for His strength. This is absolutely wondrous!

Passive Life

Passive Life
Many who hear of the exchanged Life believe they are just to lay back and let Christ take the reins. They erroneously believe that once we are born-again, then all we do is Christ. This simply isn’t true. Jesus wants my participation under His Life and authority. We live it together and I actually control the flow through choice. I am given the responsibility to choose and believe. I am not required to produce the Life, I am urged to participate through choice—ever more of Him, less of me.

The Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of Christ, leads, guides, and directs His Will in my life. I observe His Living Water’s flow out of my body. I witness who He is and am given the blessing of participation, but again not through effort but by choice.

Waiting on God

Waiting on God
Does this mean He just moves in my life all the time? Yes, and no. There is a waiting involved. Those who WAIT on the Lord, will exchange their strength for His. It is all about reigning under authority. I don’t dictate, I serve at the pleasure and in the Will of the Father. Waiting is a grand test of my faith. Will I believe, and can I rest rather than act?! Waiting is the trial of submitting to His authority. But the fruit of this waiting is eternal and divine. Christ will come and flow. The waiting may just be a test of what I will prefer, His Life or my own. Again, I am being trained to reign and rule with Christ. Living this life exchange is my school, living power, and His promise.

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    • sue

      Why would I not leave my old woman and cling to this protective, loving, Holy Spirit Filled living?
      Oh yeah, I will have to give up my will, my way, my believing I am God and know best.
      I have tasted and seen HIS goodness and I choose to seek, “Living this life exchange as my school, living power, and His promise”
      Thank you John for receiving HIS wisdom and sharing!!!!!

      • Thank you so much for being open and receiving it Sue. Love you big!

      • Jean

        Yes, Sue! Me, too!

    • Don Hartness

      This is why Christianity is, and never should be, only a list of laws, rules, and guidelines. It is a dynamic life with a dynamic Lord, One that is so much bigger than a to-do list.

      • Oh how putrid it would be that we felt obligated to a God honey-do list rather than experiencing His actual Life and Love. Dynamic is the word Don. Bless you man!

      • None of Self and All of Thee, such a beautiful title! And the hymn reminds me of the old mountain churches up here in North Georgia. The sheer enthusiasm and earnestness was utterly contagious. Bless you Rachel and thank you for sharing this.

    • Helen

      To wait, is one of the most active encounters there is. The ‘for’ & ‘against’ will try to come. To wait leaves reason in the grave, & brings the heart to its rest in God. We wait for love, we wait IN love..we’ll only die for love. It’s love that will be led where I do not wish to go. Love will follow, go where He IS, choose Him..choose with Him. “His Life chosen over my life & will”, this is our constant. One meaning of wait, in Is.40:31, is: to be twisted together & bound. Our heart waits for that twisting together. He comes into our expectant choice & the Currant of His Life flows to fulfill His Will. “Present your bodies”, & experience all that delights His heart! You have given this message in such wonderful clarity..thank you John! Can’t wait for your book! Love you!

      • Love is the Source for sure. And it is true only love waits. Thank you for your anticipation, please pray for the Lord to finish it. I am so ready for it to be in print, but this pandemic and sheltering in place has put a delay in the works. Just stand with me if you will for His completion and perfect timing. Love ya Helen!

    • Deborah

      Oh…fine reflection there! I am an outdoor university teacher of 5th graders. Our students come from all over Texas to experience science and social studies classes taught in a forest ecosystem. They are our guests for three days in a camp like setting. They leave and others come. It is the best job I have ever had!

      The job requires an enormous amount if energy and though I struggle with autoimmune issues and chronic fatigue and Epstein Barr…I always have the energy I need and am internally motivated by the joy of being where God wants me to be and the children. I love children! My last class was in February and I wont teach again until September!

      With all the covid stuff, I have felt a drain on my motivation…energy…passion and drive. I “should” be teaching now!…Singing and dancing at camfires…pulling kids hair as I tease them! That is my normal life! I almost don’t recognize myself.

      I have slipped into slug mode! But what has looked like slug mode is actually resting and waiting.I have had to wait to feel better and actually ask for what I normally am just given…energy..direction..

      Today I asked for help to do some chores around the house that need to get done. Suddenly like a sweeping wind the energy and joy came into my body and I cleaned…polished and organized like a little dynamo! I went from being a mushroom under a rock to a daisy! He…Happened In and Through me!

      I know in the great scheme of things this seems silly…but I so resonated with what you wrote. My life was exchanged in a very practical way for His and now as I write I am in the garden resting…a days work done in half the time! He makes me smile from the inside out. My Beloved I bless your name!

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