Living Essentials in a Nonessential World

Living Essentials in a Nonessential World

All of life is about our priorities and choice. Life is about what we choose to give our existence and time too. We do this in every moment because each moment presents us with a new choice of how we will spend our lives. Our gift of free will essentially gives us the right to lay out our lives as we choose. This is both amazing and frightening. Why?! Because so few know how to live in the essentials in a nonessential world.

Nonessentials rob us of life. They strip us of our destiny. And if we don’t make a stand for our essentials, someone or something will make our choice for us. We will be led dispersing life rather than living the true life God has given us. This doesn’t mean we have to do things perfectly, but what it does mean is we have to make the decision how our lives are going to be lived before our moments present themselves.

Living Essentially

Living Essentially
Personally I know I can easily waste an hour or more flipping through the social media slot machine hoping for a win. Click…click…click hoping for cherry…cherry…cherry all the while actual destiny is slipping through my fingers. And it isn’t like my moments of rest aren’t allowed, but what I find is nonessentials usually muscle out essentials.

So what decides whether something is essential or nonessential? Who decides what my essential is? How do I live life in the essentials in a nonessential world? Well for the believer in Christ we do this by relegating ourselves to the Will of God. The Will of God holds us to the essentials and where we find our spiritual destiny.

Essentials and Will of God

Essentials and Will of God
I am currently writing a new book about the Will of God. I am so excited about this because deciphering the Will of God for our lives is something man has struggled with since the beginning. And the mystery of living in the Will of God is the difference between true life and joy and drudgery. We have the grace for everything presented in the Will of God. As we commit to following our Shepherd we will find fulfillment and satisfaction both for us and our Father.

Living in my essentials is to find my God, even as I walk in a world lost in nonessentials. It is living by Divine Design rather than dismal default. As I tackle this task of writing this book and discovering His heart, mind and Will, I will post up things that light up like a sparkler. Today the distinction between essential and nonessential being related to the Will of God made my heart sing.

 For I have come down from heaven to do the will of God who sent Me, not to do My own will.
John 6:38 NLT

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    • Richard Waters

      The first essential is to discover that I am essential. Psalms 139 lets us know how essential we are to Father’s heart and that we are primarily His will.

      • Very nice! Living in my essential as God’s essential. I am so pleased His eye is always on us to bring us into Himself. Bless you!

    • Russ

      I look forward to the new book! I’ve always wondered about proverbs 16v9, what does it really mean exactly? Does it mean man can choose any path and God will work things out, or should man wait on divine guidance before choosing because God knows us intimately? This is one I confess to having wrestled with…

      • Thank you Russ! “Within your heart you can make plans for your future, but the Lord chooses the steps you take to get there.” Can’t wait to get the book in your hands. I pray it is helpful to understanding the Will of the Father and how we see that lived out. I think that the Proverbs reference you sight is a wonderful example of the quandary. Bless you my brother!

    • Helen

      I will give & live Lord, all You Give & Live in me. Our recognition that, moment by moment, we are heaven sent, into the Will of God. Nonessential’s are a general soup, repeatedly unsatisfying. The God given essential is specific, eternal satisfaction, in the moment by moment Breath of the Spirit. Nonessential’s have no presence in them. I’ve found that when our heart & choice are for His Will, He will make His Will clear. He is IN His Will…desire & discovery await our leaning heart. Paul said, “I hold myself in readiness”, out of a heart shaped to the Will of God. Watching for the Will of God brings grace for the first thing, the essential. His satisfaction & ours. We are only who we are, in Christ. Choice is honesty of heart..coming into HIS PLEASURE! The Will of God is deeply personal…and orchestrated….relatedly…. This is the magnificent context encompassing what is essential.

      • It is so true that it literally is walked out moment by moment. And I think your point that nonessentials have no presence is KEY! It is perfect how the Father is weaving this message with the podcasts about presence isn’t it. You are very insightful there Helen! Love you!

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