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Holy of holies

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Reality TV
In a world where Reality TV, YouTube, tabloid talk shows, and selfies have become the norm, have we lost the sense of personal confidentiality? Is everything supposed to be revealed for all to see and judge? Does no one have the right to privacy anymore? Even if popular culture requires it, it’s not their due.

Everything that at one time was deemed as personal is now seen as offensive if withheld. By refusing to expose your self to the world, people become suspicious of you and accuse you of all things sordid. If you maintain a common standard of dignity, you obviously have something to hide. The rule of decency has been turned on its head. Personal boundaries, which once maintained our self-respect, now are seen as an affront to the rights of humanity, a humanity who claims the right to know all our business. What a time to be alive – and human!

My Holy of Holies

I would like to look at the Temple of God, our personal boundaries, and this state of exhibitionism. The connection is this: we’re each built personally like His Temple. We have three parts: a public area, a private space, and my holy of holies – or Body, Soul, and Spirit. I have to maintain the boundaries of my holy of holies just like God maintained His boundaries in His Holy Temple.

Holy Temple
The Temple of God wasn’t a thoroughfare for every passerby and nor should it have been. Neither should my life be a living exposé nor fodder for the curious. The demand on any of us, by anyone not in our inner core, to have free rights of access is not valid. Their sense of entitlement gives them no rights to know. I and I alone have the rights of entrance to my temple. As with God’s Temple, no one was entitled to entrance just because they felt they were due.

Only the high priest entered God’s Holy of Holies. Only the Levitical priests entered the inner court. The Gentile was permitted only in the outer court. We too are set up like this. The public sees my external life. My friends see my emotions, hear my thoughts, and witness my choices. But only God and those I choose are allowed into my heart—in the depths of my person.

Right of Exposure & Boundaries

It has become so politically correct to have nothing sacred that nothing is special either. Everything is opened wide for all to view, gawk at, and judge. It’s a disrespect of ourselves and when we disrespect ourselves, we will disrespect others.

Even though it has become politically correct, I have no obligation to reveal what is for God and I alone, or for me and my trusted friends and family.

While I was writing this, I kept thinking of Jennifer’s post, “Do I Walk in the Light?” In it she has amazing revelation about truth versus indiscretion. Here is one quote:

“I struggle because I am un-learning the belief that truth and discretion are incompatible. It is not lying to be discreet. If the Spirit doesn’t give me leave to tell something, then I am not to tell it. Likewise, indiscretion is not the same thing as telling the truth.”

As I explored this topic, I realized that what we’re accused of in not giving the right of full disclosure to every passerby is lying. Discretion is seen as lies!

What I’m learning is the right of access to my deep inner core is first and foremost God’s place. He’s the one to whom I will ultimately answer; it is to Him I am obligated. And as I dwell with Him there in truth, He makes me stable and fixed because I am hidden in Him. There He knows me!

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand].
Ps 91:1 AMP

entering my Holy of Holies
On this blog we let you into our process because the Lord Himself has called us to share with you the fruits of our lives as disciples. Often we fly close to the heart, giving you a deep glance. But this is possible only because our boundaries are in place with Him. We’re stable and fixed, hidden even in our revealing. If we were just exposing ourselves without our inner core intact, this blog would be nothing more than a Jerry Springer Show.

So when the world has gone mad and everyone is either an acting exhibitionist or voyeur, know this – it’s not actually normal to be a thoroughfare. Your heart is sacred not secular. I owe no one anything God Himself doesn’t choose to reveal. I have a secret place. My secret place is my dwelling in the Most High. There I’m obligated to Him and to those He wills to invite into my holy of holies—my private garden.

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    • sue

      I am grateful to the LORD for what HE has led you all to share from your “private gardens” because HE is drawing us to HIMSELF with cords of love and HIS call to truly “LIVE”

    • Sam

      Thank you John for bringing this up. How important! How vital!

      Only the high priest entered God’s Holy of Holies. Only the Levitical priests entered the inner court. The Gentile was permitted only in the outer court. We too are set up like this.

      In fact, how many of us live trying to get the Gentile to go into the “inner court”… or pack up the Levitical into the “Holy of Holies”?

      Yes, we have tried it, but it doesn’t work. The Spirit divides, cuts and forbids the entrance and mixing. Thank you for this stern reminding that our heart is a hidden place, and it has exclusive rights unto a Love affair… for Love’s sake.

      Thank you for this defense of the “wall of defense” of this City, John.

      • shulamite

        You know I think we have become such a lonely society in our busy social media. There are lots of words, much movement of people but I am diluted and dissolved at my core. By resisting my place of resting in Him, I force a herd of people into my secret place hoping for true intimate connection. This is a place designed for stillness and rest, and that kind of chaos tears me in half.

        • Sam

          Asking Him, I think He is saying that We need holiness. Holiness as an embraced solution of division and separation. We lack so much of this. And for what? Not for “staring at white angels singing with white harps” but for union, for an intimate room of intimate love. If we would see holiness as that… it would be so much easier to bow. And it is in this purifying process that we really see His zeal… that we know Him! It is really such a privilege to be purified by God Himself! I tell you: The caos that harms us is solved toes to head in His holiness.

        • Sam

          Yes, I understand. There is such a fight, isn’t it? There is such a huge movement and noise in the principalities of the air to force Him out… or to introduce that noise and movement inside His Holy Place of Meeting.

          There is a reason for the huge transparent sea, like of crystal, in front of the Throne. Undisturbed quietness of holiness.

    • Irene

      Several weeks ago, the Holy Spirit told me to stop using certain social media websites that I visited with great frequency. He showed me that it had become a source of pride for me and also a source of meddling. As I was reading your post today John, I heard Him say that guarding privacy is another reason to stay away from that site. He has exclusive rights to my inner being and unless He directs me to share His communications, the “No Trespassing” sign is up. I will read this post again, thank you John. I really like the photo of the guy with the Tree of Life inside. Very cool.

      • shulamite

        You know Irene this is so vital. It’s the making or breaking of us. If we leak the power of our spirits by having a ready access to everyone, we can’t be victorious. Have you read Nee’s Deep Calls Unto Deep or listened to the series The Heavenly Man? Both of these go into this and are simply brilliant! Love you Irene!

        • Irene

          I had ordered the Nee Booklet Bundle from http://www.LivingChristianBooks.com and “Deep Calls unto Deep” is included in that bundle. I just finished reading it. Thank you so much for pointing me to this booklet, as it brought much understanding. I just placed my order for the Heavenly Man series. God Is Faithful to give us His wisdom as we ask Him, and I am always amazed when He does it.

    • Pauline

      Thank you, John. The first thing I thought of, reading this post was Separation. Christ has made us brand-new. We’re not like everyone else; what would be the point. We were made for Him. Then I read Sam’s statement about division,separation and holiness — Wow! Really, all of the responses were great – thanks, Church! (So glad that this blog doesn’t even have a HINT of Jerry Springer!)

    • wanda

      Thank you, John. I needed that

    • Kathie Luther

      My first post read on this blog and I am blessed! Thanks so much!!

    • Susan

      Great topic & insight John. When we give from our heart without discreation & the leading of the HS, it’s like casting our pearls before swine… like God teaches us about His word and its value. We don’t want our heart trampled on either.

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