Words With Heart


I have a little more to say about speaking from the heart. What comes forth from us cannot be devoid of our heart.  I have heard many a word containing facts yet be divorced from Truth because it doesn’t come from the heart. It comes from the mind!

Now when I say heart, I am not speaking of emotional displays or entanglement.  I can’t be “IN” the words I deliver, by that I mean having a personal agenda, because this just becomes expectation and law.  The revelation of God must come from a beating, living heart.

This is how Christ Himself has set it up.  He wants me to be a vessel out of which He pours His life.  This life is fully Him, yet all the while inclusive of me.  As a new creation, I am not a robot.  I am not unaffected by the passions of the Spirit.  What God desires to produce is one who reveals His emotions without overshadowing them with their own.  I have never had the Lord’s passion come forth from me and remain untouched.  The Spirit guides me, directs me and then often comforts me when it is all done.

Christ made it so that He would speak Life through us, but that word must totally wrack us personally and completely engage us. So we are then consumed in our hearts by the Lord.  THEN we bring HIM in His word, and HIS life is reproduced in others.  NO longer facts. Not more information but a living impartation.

I believe it is source.  The source must always be from the Spirit but coupled with that, it must be out of and from a life connected to the heart.

So how can I engage my heart with Him in His word?

Life is an engagement of the heart!  If I wall myself off from life, I am rebellious to God’s sovereign hand and movement.  How can a rebel be a vessel?

The Spirit of the Living God is sharing God’s thoughts always.  Even if there is silence, His messages are being delivered. When He chooses to convey His thoughts through me, He unites the message with my living breathing creation.  Although all Him, I am the vessel and it will resemble my form as it pours forth.  It is similar to the difference between pouring a liquid from a pitcher or from a cup.  The flow will pour out and take the shape of the spout.

I can’t remain unscathed in the pouring of the Spirit.  I can’t protect myself from His movement or I will miss Him.  My heart is His conduit and unless I’m living from there, the flow of the Spirit is diverted.  His words might be there but His delivery is hindered. The Holy Spirit anoints my life and then He can bring forth words that deliver His Life.

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