Merry Christmas from

Suches 2018 Merry Christmas

North Georgia Mountains, Woody Lake — Suches, Georgia

Wishing you a marvelous Christmas
filled with His Presence, Peace, Joy and Love.

Though this year has been often unpredictable and a wild ride, we want to thank you for making it a wonderful year of following our lives through these posts!
We so appreciate your beautiful comments, shares and likes.

Merry Christmas to you!

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2 years ago

Warm wishes for this Christmas season with joy and thanks to you all at Shulamite. Isaiah 9:6
Much love!

2 years ago
Reply to  Pauline

Blessing you and Stephen! Merry Christmas to you both and love you much!

Shirley Castanuela
2 years ago

THANKS Shulamite Ministries- Precious Martha and John for the past year of daily devotionals, blogs, weekly and monthly messages. In addition, Living Christian books, your OWN books, and resources have all been special and priceless gifts from above. The true Body of Christ-The Church, is who we are called to be. You have been the family of God, not just giving a method but a Living Impartation. Merry Christmas and much Love. Shirley C.

2 years ago

You are truly family Shirley! We so love you! Thank you for receive all of Him in all of us. Merry Christmas to you! Hoping for the best New Year for us all.

2 years ago

And from Brasil…


2 years ago
Reply to  Sandy

Merry Christmas to you from the states. Love you BIG!

2 years ago

Merry Christmas 🎄 and much love and gratitude.

2 years ago
Reply to  Alex

Merry Christmas to you Alex, love you! Can’t believe we got a white Christmas…can’t remover the last time this happened.

4 years ago

Thank you, John for this beautiful picture and for your good prayer, which I take in for me personally. I wish this not only for me, but for you as well, not only for Christmas, but for every day! What a wonderful day: filled with His presence, then we have all we need, nothing is wasted.
Are you living there in Georgia?
Blessings and growing in our Lord Jesus!

4 years ago
Reply to  Ulrike

Thank you! Yes, may each of our lives throughout the whole year be filled with His Presence, Peace, Joy and Love! Bless you Ulrike!

Yes I live in the North Georgia mountains. My house is 10-15 minutes from this location and I have to pass it several times a week, as it is my only way back down to Atlanta.

Happy New Years to you!

4 years ago

The photo is perfect; brings back lovely memories of this beautiful lake, passing by while enjoying great conversations with Carole and Martha and….
Be richly blessed altogether this Christmas; imagine: He came down to a world, where everyone else tried to get as high a possible!

4 years ago
Reply to  Gaby

Love you Gaby! Hope you had a great Christmas. May this New Year be one of your best!

4 years ago

I love the picture. Merry Christmas to all of you. You make my journey so much lighter by letting me be a part of you. Love and prayers for a great New Year. 2019 is going to be awesome. Love you so much Wanda

4 years ago
Reply to  Wanda

You so much are a part of us. You are snuggled into our hearts. Love you and Merry Christmas. Have the best day and the most perfect year!

Shirley Castanuela
4 years ago

MERRY CHRISTMAS SHULAMITE FRIENDS! Many thanks to each of you for a beautifully enriched “2018” through your devotionals,podcasts, books and CDs.
Learning to walk on the narrow path that leads to life, in Christ alone, has been a joy to experience this year due, in no small part, to your obedience by Letting It be done unto you according to His will.

You all have been the closest example of God’s Love to me this past year. Looking toward what lies ahead for all.

Blessings in everything,

4 years ago

Thank you for loving us and standing with us Shirley. You are a dear sister indeed. I pray your Christmas is filled beyond your dreams of His Presence, love, and joy. And may this New Year be one of your best! We love you!

4 years ago

Merry Christmas! Love to all of you at Shulamite! Thank you for a wonderful start to my day all year!
Love, a.

4 years ago
Reply to  Alex

Bless you Alex! Praying you have an amazing Holiday. We love you all very much! And thank you for starting your days with us ???

4 years ago

John that is one of the most brilliant ideas for a photo!!

4 years ago
Reply to  David

Bless you Dave, we love you and pray during this Christmas and New Year that He reveals His love, joy and Life to you. You are dear to us! Thank you for the compliment.

Robin Dixon
4 years ago

Merry Christmas all!
May we all be filled with the blessedness that comes from His presence. Love y’all!

And John that picture…wow!

4 years ago
Reply to  Robin Dixon

I agree wholeheartedly! My His presence be the most notable during this holiday. Blessing you and your family Robin! We love you very much! Just another beautiful day in Suches, GA! ???

4 years ago

Merry Christmas to all of you!
Looking forward to all God brings in the new year.

John, this photo is breath-taking!


4 years ago
Reply to  tammy

Thank you for being apart of our family all year long! We love you munches Tammy!