God Indwelling, Part 1


Mankind is bound to perpetual loneliness.

“No one understands – me.
No one truly loves – me.”

The gap between God’s presence and my opposition to Him is not bridgeable by me…

The first man alone in the garden is now the ‘woman’ alone in the universe. And God solved the isolation of humanity. The Son of God is born again into the world when He invades your being with His own life by a miraculous, mysterious transformation. “Born again from above.” Christ is born again inside you and YOU are born again.

And God comes down to be with us, not as a companion, not even as a partner. God in the Spirit comes to live with us, as within us—God indwelling.

Now you are not alone. The One who loves is within. Your God is in residence, in constant and permanent availability! Not in a garden, a tent, a temple. IN you.

He walks inside you – not just in the “mist of the morning,” nor in the “tent of meeting” but in all your day and living. He broods within you for all your night. The Lord God is ‘with us’ by the most amazing intimacy…accessible, reachable, knowable!

You and I are now the Temple, the Place for God – His home on earth. We who have seen the Son born again in us, are His earthly Tent, His resident tabernacle, and together…His glorious, holy Temple!

Copyright © 2006 Martha Kilpatrick

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7 years ago

Indeed the light and the darkness are the same to you. Ps 139. John M Talbot wrote a song titled Holy Darkness. His darkness is indeed light. He is Lord over all! All authority and power. And under His hand I bear His cross which is grace and life and love…in all brokenness and surrender…in awe and wonder.

7 years ago
Reply to  tina

“Indeed the light and the darkness are the same to you. Ps 139”

Wow, I didn’t know that one. Yes, the God I am discovering day by day is a God Master of darkness. His worst Enemies are servants of this all-encompassing One, even unknowingly.

7 years ago

These last days I have been brooding over many concepts watching documentary films. There is a kind of “dark energy” and “dark matter” (“dark” because we don’t see it, that’s why we call it that way) all around us, like a kind of “plasma”. We do not know what it does, how it is, the rules behind it. We just know it is. Which is another way of saying “God is greater than we ever thought He was.” Physically, we breath Jesus Christ, unknowingly! While watching these films, I had these thoughts that everything is held together by Jesus Christ,… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Sam

Fascinating and amazing. We truly know nothing about the presence of God….Thank YOU!

7 years ago
Reply to  Martha

I agree… so little, little, we know.

Love, M.!