Faith that God can Keep My Path


My motives are not as important as I once believed. I always thought I had to micromanage my life or it would go to hell in a handbasket. The reality is that I am a kept man because I have chosen the Keeper of my heart. This can be a mystery, how God can use my motives to accomplish His Will. We often second guess ourselves and believe He will fail to shepherd and keep my path. This just is not possible! But one thing I must have is the faith which pleases Him. I don’t have to dwell in the fear of falling; I can rest in the faith that He is able to move my heart and mind to be in line with His own.

Martha: Keep My Path

Martha: Keep My Path
I remember Martha speaking about a dealing she had with the Lord. It has never left me. She committed to trust Him with her life and said in essence, “Lord, I am going to do what I hear. You better silence all other voices but Your own.” This is a blind faith in His perfection. She wasn’t saying, “Hey, I am gonna do as I want and call it You.” On the contrary, she committed to be a child and function in faith. God has not only met her there but multiplied His Life in her through this faith.

Trying Hard to Keep my Path

Trying Hard to Keep my Path
I know that for many, many years, I rode myself in hopes of keeping myself. I scrutinized every action in fear that I would go off the mark. This fear actually made me more susceptible to falling, not less. It communicated suspicion of God’s power to keep me by entrusting my power to be right. What a joke! The reality is that I am kept in the mighty hands of God and He directs my steps as I make each one of them. Again, this is for the one who has committed to Jesus as Lord, but it’s not isolated to only that one. I know that even as an unsaved youth, the Spirit hovered over my heart to bring me to faith.

Quite frankly, if God wasn’t able to function like this, which one of us would He have? Surely not one! Yet He is able to work the circumstances to make known His perfection. He guides, directs and leads us into His beautiful Will. He uses our hearts as tools to pilot us home—even motives less than perfect. As chosen children of God, it is impossible for Him to fail. Our Father is a Perfect Orchestrator and Mighty Omnipotent. God moves in each of our lives to bring about His Will. And at the end of the day, we will have none to thank but Him. He’s the Master Conductor of the music score of our lives.

“My Father who sent Me has determined that I will not lose even one of those He has given to Me, and I will raise them up in the last day.”
John 6:39 TPT

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Oh John, the way God directs and keeps us each day always amazes me . . . never get used to it! Mostly, in the little things is where He works, in such a gracious way. Just today, working with Josh to stretch a canvas on the stretcher boards, I was intimidated by the corners. There must have been at least 5 different ways I saw on Youtube, but when the time came, after Josh finished stapling, He just moved my fingers to make perfect corners and none were the ones I saw. I marveled — AT HIM! Later this… Read more »

Love you too, Pauline! Nice to hear from you.

The good news is while none of us “deserve anything,” this doesn’t stop Him from being perfect towards us. A perfect Father!

I will deliver the love you relayed to both Jennifer and Martha. I am sure of their reciprocation. Hugs back to you.

Wanda Couch

I can rest in the faith that He is able to move my heart and mind to be in line with His own….WOW! That’s an eye opener and very freeing for one who is always fearful of “stepping over the line.” Thank you John, I really needed to hear that today. I can trust Him to stop me if I’m going off the trail, because I belong to Him. Love to all.

Love back to you. So glad this touched you Wanda! It was a huge eye opener to me too.


As a former (and sometimes current) micromanager of my life this is a word of astounding significance. I commit my life to my Keeper and He works even to the depths of my motive.
Oh to believe….entirely! Bless you, John.

Thank you Rebecca! So very encouraging it hit you in this way. As one micromanager to another, He is Keeper, willing and able! Love you!