Can Elections Be Stolen?


With all the controversy over the recent US election, I have sought the Father for His mind and Will. This is our only solution to get in line with God. “What are You saying God?!” As a Christian this is my only hope. I am safe and secure in the Will of God not in my opinion of what should be. As I have looked to Him for an answer I heard, “Man cannot steal what God bestows.”

Can Man Steal Elections?

Can Man Steal Elections?
In light of our elections you might say, “But God, how can that be, have you seen what is happening?!” Well the Word says in Romans 13:1, “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God [granted by His permission and sanction], and those which exist have been put in place by God.” This means no matter who sits in the White House come inauguration day, they are sanctioned by God. “Oooo, this is just too vulnerable!” Yes, it is wholly dependent on the King of ALL governments.

So, does this mean I lay back and just wait? No, it means we must all seek the King who is our Authority. He directs us in our behavior. Whether we stand, proclaim, petition, or assemble. I have heard for myself and am living in and under that direction. I may share with you in the days to come what I have heard, but regardless, we all have to listen in our relationship with our Savior Jesus. All life is about relationship with Christ, even a confusing election.

This is why slandering corrupt authorities is so dangerous. No matter what their position, to revile them is too revile the God who put them in place. It is far too easy to roll into scorn when our leader reject their own vows to maintain law and order. But there is a lesson that we can learn from the saints of the past. Look at David facing the evil king Saul, “Do not kill him, for who can put out his hand against the Lord’s anointed [king] and be guiltless (innocent)?” 1 Samuel 26:9 AMP This takes incredible faith and will test us to the very core.

Who is in Control of Our Election

Who is in Control of Our Election
I am not speaking about people in positions of authority to hold leaders and the process accountable. I am speaking about “we the people,” those governed in this land. God will lead us in our behavior and where our voice will have influence. And from there we trust our Lord to enact His government.

As I have pulled away from the many sources that want me to believe what they say and into the One who has the answers, my faith has risen. I left my fearful floundering and rest in Him. I have spoken out and interceded that which the Spirit wished me to pray. It has settled my heart!

No matter what happens in the days and weeks ahead, Jesus IS Lord and Ruler over all the world. As we stand in our position, led by the Spirit, we will see the rise of our King display Himself in our land. And regardless of the outcome, take a look at what is happening. While the enemy is sowing the seeds of division, WE are uniting as the Church, One Nation Under God! Could this have been His goal all along?!

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Rick Moore
13 days ago

John, I agree with most of what you wrote here. One question—are you saying that we the Church ARE uniting as a result of this? I know I am a member of only one local church, but I see a great deal of lack of unity even among professing Followers of Jesus.

13 days ago
Reply to  Rick Moore

Hey Rick, thanks for much for your question! Also thanks for following these posts, it means a lot. To answer you, I am in no way implying that the church has been unified, or that those who profess Christianity have arrived. What I am saying is that I am witnessing a coming together, perhaps even in its infancy, but is facilitated by these current events. My question in the post is, could God’s goal behind these events be that we the church would rise? Historically the Body of Christ multiples in crisis not prosperity. Rick, there is a transcendent church… Read more »

Richard Waters
13 days ago

Is it possible that the focus is to be on the principle structures of authority an not necessarily on the persons in authority. Like the authority structure of America is a Democratic Republic of we the people choose our President. Other authority structures can be totalitarian, etc. Jesus said that all authority was given to Him and in the long run, we will all be governed by Him! Just a thoight.

13 days ago
Reply to  Richard Waters

Hey Richard, I think you are in the process of a move, but when you have settled I would love to send you and Judie a copy of my book. Just let me know when and where and I will get you covered. TO answer your question, I think ultimately the focus is to be on the Person in Authority, not on the characters Jesus is using to exercise that Authority. Which is a hugely vulnerable spot. I believe the long run is here now, we are all governed, and He is training us, His Body, to reign and rule… Read more »

Doug Miolen
13 days ago

Ooohhh…not a very popular statement, but nevertheless TRUE!!!!

13 days ago
Reply to  Doug Miolen

Guess it is all about where our hope rests, huh?! Bless ya Doug.

Don Hartness
13 days ago

Eyes on the Lord, and not upon men. This is the only way for us to live.

13 days ago
Reply to  Don Hartness

We are sunk otherwise! Bless you Don!