Distractions: Kicks of Satan or Taps from God


I usually attribute distractions as kicks of the enemy rather than taps from the Lord. Why does it always have to be a negative? Could it just be more about love and leading than Satan’s trying to run me into a ditch? Might it be that God is really in control and He is truly leading my steps? What if the majority of our interruptions are simply God’s invitation to Himself rather than interference from the devil?

Distractions from My Timeline

Distractions from My Timeline
When I’ve set things to happen according to my timeline and by my timeframe, I have to confess, I can blame the obstacles and obstructions on the enemy. It’s easy to say, “Just stop it, devil,” when things don’t happen my way. I’d have to admit that anger is more commonly my response than gratitude. But recently, when I was speaking with a friend, I saw their obstacle in a different light. Of course it was in someone else’s life and not my own, right (hehehe)? But I think my seeing was for an expanding of my own general view of life.

Life is full of distractions and diversions. It is the nature of living life. I was never promised a path of no resistance. Actually, I am guaranteed quite the opposite. But what I am looking at this morning is the source of our obstacles. Could these detours be divine in nature? Could they be a slight tap from my Lord to say, “Hey, can you come over here? I need some FaceTime.” This realization would certainly cause me to view distractions with less resistance. And because I am His child, does God not have the right to divert my steps? Isn’t this especially true when these obstacles might just be for relationship with Himself? It certainly is!

Distractions Who Are They From

Distractions Who Are They From
Here is another view of the same thought. If God is sovereign and I am living in His Will, then all the bumps in my road are His. Even if the enemy claims they’re his own, the reality is that they are God’s. If God is sovereign, then nothing escapes His grasp, knowing, and control. So how about this novel idea: all my distractions don’t always have to be negative. Why can’t they be His love? Here’s an exposing reason! “Because I have to get this task done, God! And NOW!” Ooo, this is such a check on my heart. Is He truly sovereign and does He control my time? Or is my agenda more important than His Will and our relationship? Ouch!

I want to live in His hands. I want to live surrendered to His path. And I want to live hearing His tender whispers to gain my gaze and time. It is easy to get caught up in my “much to do about nothing” moments. I can spin my wheels of “my agenda” and “need to get things done” while losing the point of life­—HIM! I have a long relationship with doing. And I come from a long line of doers. But if my doing is from MY DOING, it is only leading me away from Jesus, not to Him.

Uphold my steps in Your paths, That my footsteps may not slip.
Psalm 17:5 NKJV

I think it is a good time to write about the Doing of the Doers. I’ll do that in my next post.

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John, this is what I love about these posts, they take me back, (over and over) is what i need!!!!! However, the main issue for me is that the Holy Spirit can drive HIS agenda into me and yet I’m not left hopeless, alone, defeated. Just last week the Holy Spirit spoke that the triune Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is never defeated. THEY always win and these posts bring such encouragement even to one who is on the merry-go-round is still being renewed moment by moment. YES, back to HIM. Blessing and Honor and Glory to HIM!!!!!


Timely? More than that, John. I have been pushing this away (my agenda vs. His) and though it is beginning to rule me, it has been justified as God-honoring and ministering to my family: cleaning. I have all my chores: daily, weekly, every other week, monthly, every other month, every six months, seasonal — on a spreadsheet (that I know by heart now); some, multiple times a day: kitchen surfaces, microwave, bathroom fixtures. It’s become a real compulsion because, e.g., if, on Wednesday I’m too tired to clean everything out of the fridge and check for expiration dates on items… Read more »

Susan Taylor

I needed to hear this. It went straight to my head. I think some Christians give Satan to much power. My understanding is God aaaaaaaaand Jesus has total control over every step I take and you too. Opps I left out the Holy Spirit.


This post is more than an “ouch” to my spirit, it is a “punch” your prayers of “wanting to live in HIS hands, surrendered to HIS path and hearing HIS tender whispers to gain my gaze and time.” are leaping and oozing into me. John, your very descriptive sharing of “losing HIM” by focusing only on what we need to get done, is truly from the Holy Spirit and reminded me that I did hear HIS voice calling me away from the negativity that was assaulting me. HIS calling me away to peace and calm, instead of focusing on the… Read more »