Being Present in the Moment


A beloved friend asked me to clarify something from my post, “Pray for Concentration, then Work to Concentrate.” I had said, “If you are involved in the past or the future you are never really gazing at Him.” She wrote, “Would you draw this out for me if you have time please? Love you!” I gladly want to do this, because I need to remember this, too. It is a life lesson that I come back to over and over again. Only in the present moment can we experience our place of union and relationship with God.

In The Moment

In The Moment
Life is to be lived in the moment. Truly, this very moment is all I have. My past is gone and my future isn’t promised, and right now is my only point of living. When I am focused on or perhaps obsessed with my past failures or past situations, I’m actually being prideful. Yeah, that shocked me, too. Pride is looking at myself as the source – what I failed to do and how I should have done it better.

Likewise, when I worry and fret about the future, I am focused on how I will do it best and how I can achieve what I want. This too is the wrong focus. The problem with both these scenarios is that my gaze is on me and not the Lord.

When I am looking and gazing at Jesus Christ in my immediate moment, then I am also seeking Him to be my supply. To look at the past or future is to look at my abilities (or inabilities). To gaze upon the Lord moment by moment is living in dependence and reliance.

Jesus Living in the Moment

Jesus Living in the Moment
Christ Himself lived this reality. He lived looking at, not deciding. During His life, Jesus didn’t look at His future death on the cross or the past rejection He received. Christ was in the moment. There was nothing but the current moment when Jesus walked this earth. 

Why? Because in our moment we are in the perfect place for union and relationship with the Father.

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who was constantly looking to the future? It is grievous because they are not present with you. The other might be a person obsessed with the past. This person isn’t actually in relationship with you, they are in the shame of their past or worse, the nostalgia of yesteryear. Again, in neither of these situations are we actually having true relationship. This is how it is with God, too. He wants us to be present in the moment.

So, Tammy, this is why I say, “If you are involved in the past or the future you are never really gazing at Him.” Our gaze has to remain on what God is doing now because that is the point and place of true intimacy and union with Him.

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2 months ago

Faith lives NOW… He’s the breath of it, the Joy! He knows how to root out the pride in me…by engaging my heart in the present moment. So thankful! As you’ve said John, it is pride in these places of looking to me as source, & to see it, is a terrible-wonderful breaking, with nowhere to want to look but HIM. Our gaze let’s loose surrender! The Ask & Answer of wait, watch, worship, is…woven into…our entire being, because HE is in our current moment. That’s the adventure. I agree to His truth by my gaze. HE brings & lives… Read more »

Shirley Castanuela
2 months ago

John, once again this is perfectly timed Wisdom from God!