My Enemies Only Devour My Flesh

My Enemies Only Devour My Flesh

My enemies are only allowed to devour my flesh; they can’t claim my spirit. This turns out to be a service to me. God uses my enemies to destroy that which separates me from Him. Remember how the enemies of Israel were often used to scourge the flesh and sin from their midst? And once the purifying work had taken place, then the enemies were vanquished. In the same way, my enemies are used to prune that which stands opposed to my deep relationship and union with God. God can use whatever He wishes to accomplish this: circumstances, situations, and yes, my enemies as well.

Devour My Flesh

Devour My Flesh
The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom should I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom should I be afraid? When evildoers came against me to devour my flesh, my foes and my enemies stumbled and fell. Though an army deploys against me, my heart is not afraid; though a war breaks out against me, still I am confident. I have asked one thing from the Lord; it is what I desire: to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, gazing on the beauty of the Lord and seeking Him in His temple. For He will conceal me in His shelter in the day of adversity; He will hide me under the cover of His tent; He will set me high on a rock.
Psalm 27:1-5 HCSB

Christ’s enemies had nothing in Him to devour. And when I am in Him, my enemies have nothing to devour in me either. It’s only the dead branches of my sinful human nature on which God allows them to snack. Again, it is a service to me. Not that I am running about recruiting enemies, but when they come, as they inevitably will, they come to benefit me. “You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good” (Genesis 50:20). When I am in Christ, everything is for my good.

Jesus says, “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.”
Luke 22:31-32

The Reality of My Enemies

The Reality of My Enemies
The enemy isn’t given free rein to ravage me. He must ask God! I know this part of sovereignty makes us squirm in our seats but it is true nonetheless. The devil isn’t all-powerful nor all-knowing. He is still only but a servant under God’s control. He must ask to try and tempt us, so if we are being assailed, it is in God’s hands and is for my benefit.

To live in rebellion is to serve Satan my life on a silver platter, but if I am God’s and in Christ, my enemies have nothing in me to devour. I am thinking of a situation a few years back when we had a major enemy with a desire to destroy. This individual’s attacks were deeply personal, utterly vicious, and totally malicious. My response to Martha was, “They’re just paying our price.” What I meant by that is people are either the Bride of Christ or the tools used to prepare her. If you have an enemy and are God’s, He is using them to make you ready.

My Enemies Prepare Me

All right, you may test him,” the Lord said to Satan. “Do whatever you want with everything he possesses, but don’t harm him physically.” So Satan left the Lord’s presence.
Job 1:12

It isn’t as if my enemies are a joy in the moment. Pruning is still surgical cutting, even if it is dead wood that is being cut. But with Bridal Preparation on the table, it makes the attacks more palatable. I am here, after all, for the single purpose of my preparation to be the Bride of Christ. All will serve the Lord for His eternal purpose, even those who we consider to be our enemies.

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    • Bruce Dickey

      Great word John,
      It is a great comfort and an encouragement to understand that God’s purposes are being accomplished through such trials.

      • shulamite

        For sure, thank you for commenting Bruce. Bless you!

    • Nancy Mauldin

      This was very encouraging to me because it describes a current relationship I have. It bolsters my confidence in the Lord that He has purpose for everything He allows in my life.
      Thanks, John, for the great insight.

      • shulamite

        Bless you Nancy. It is a tough word and reality, but I found it utterly hopeful. Pain with a purpose is tolerable, aimless torment is debilitating. I will pray for you in your situation and bless His purposes for your circumstance.

    • Debbie

      Thank you for this!! It is painful but I wait for His resurrection and His joy!

      • shulamite

        The resurrected purpose is worth it all and filled with Joy. Thank you Debbie for commenting!

    • Pauline

      “If you have an enemy and are God’s, He is using them to make you ready.” Did I ever need that, John! (Work situation) Will continue to watch what He is doing and, by His grace, respond with praise and thanks.
      Love you, John.

      • shulamite

        Love you too Pauline! I am praying you find Him in the midst of it all. That your vision of Jesus becomes greater and clearer and more real. Bless you for your choosing of His Life and purpose in this trial.

    • Melinda

      I pray I am not that enemy of which you speak. I only remember being incredibly frustrated years ago and writing you because I did not know if I were saved, did not know who I am in Christ, and with just enough scripture and a ton of pride to make me dangerous. If it was me, please forgive me, I really have been blessed by your ministry–indeed, it was the title Base, Foolish, and Despised things that I entered in my search engine that brought me here. And there you all are…yesterday, I had pulled out “Eternal Power” to reread…so, it’s definitely the Lord–and if it was me that brought any unhappiness, please forgive me. I love you all. Lindy

      • melinda

        And thank you for praying for me…it worked.

        • shulamite

          Bless you Melinda, I am so pleased to hear the Father’s message through us is blessing you! No, you were certainly not the enemy which I was referring to. It is so nice to hear again from you. I believe it was 2011 the last time. Thank you for reaching out, I pray this and the our other resources are a rich encouragement to you!

          • Melinda

            Oh, big hug brother and to Martha and all the ministry. The thought of hurting you in any way has me in tears as I write this. I went through such a difficult struggle to get here today, and I praise Jesus that he has let me tell you that I love you all. I have just ordered many of your books and a monthly teaching from the ministry. Soon we will see the King–Jesus bless you, brother and this particular writing is really timely and right on as well. Boy, did I learn this one! Lindy

    • Melinda

      Thanki Jesus it wasn’t me. I have never had a desire to destroy any of you, nor enjoy being malicious or vicious, though I certainly have been in my life. Your ministry has been such a blessing to me and I am getting blessed all over again. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and keep you until His soon return

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